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Bobs Discount Furniture - Bob's Goof Proof Scam

Company Bobs Discount Furniture
Product / Service Leather Sofa
Location New England, North Dakota
Category Furniture and Decor
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I have been a Bob's customer for several years and have spent nearly $10,000 furnishing my homes. I have almost always purchased the goof proof plan for peace of mind. One time I had to call them up and file a claim on a dresser I bought because it got scratched, they did a less than satisfactoy job at making the repair, but that is another story.

Recently I was at the Bob's Discount furniture store in Stoughton, MA looking at buying a new sofa. I was hesitant because I have a 1 year old black lab and didn't want to have the new furniture ruined, we were looking to purchase leather. Talking to Diane, the sales woman, my wife and I told her about the puppy and our concerns. At that time, we were handed a pamphlet that had a big check mark showing that goof proof covered rips, tears, cuts, burns, & punctures (no asterix next to it or fine print). We asked specifically if pet damages were covered, the sales woman told us YES, and did not go into any further detail. Since we THOUGHT we were covered, we bought the furniture along with the goof proof plan.

Fast forward to today...several months have gone by and last week my lab tore a hole in the back cushion of the sofa. I called to file a claim and have it repaired. While on the phone with the claim office, they told me that this damage is pet related and was not covered. I said, "Yes it is, I have the pamphlet right here and it says rips, tears, etc is covered!" Her reply was, "Well do you have the other paperwork handy?" I did, and she directed me to the fine print 3/4 the way down the sheet that excludes damage from pets...I was furious.

I am victim of Bob's Discount Furniture! I called the saleswoman and she insisted that she told my wife and I that pet damages were not covered. However, we both recall the conversation vividly since this was our main concern buying new furniture. Diane, our saleswoman, was useless...so I asked to speak with her manager, Oscar. Oscar was cordial at first, but it was clear he wasn't going to go out of his way to assist. He said he would reach out to customer care and see what they could do. By the way, it was very reassuring (starcasm) to hear him say right off the bat, "I will see what I can do IF ANYTHING AT ALL.." That's not a very good way to keep a customer happy. I reiterated that I have spent alot of money at Bob's Furniture over the years. Well, one, two, three, four days go by and I hear NOTHING back from Oscar, the Stoughton, MA store manager. I called the store and finally get him on the phone. He says, "Oh yea, I remember you called last week, let me see if they (customer care) ever responded to my e-mail." Long in short is he said they responded and are not willing to assist in any way. I felt like I got absolutely hosed by Bob's Furniture...all of this business I have given them and the money I spent there and that was the way I was treated.

I am confident that the fine print was never brought up by Diane our saleswoman, and furious at the way I have been treated. I will NEVER shop at another Bob's Furniture again, that is for certain.


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Mar 31 
The reason these sales people push so hard on these warranties is because they make a commission on every plan that someone purchases. They're sales people, they'll tell you anything you want to hear just to get you to buy it. Next time get everything they say in writing or write down what they said and get them to sign it. My bet is that they try to weasel out of it. Be sure to read your sales contract and cross out all that doesn't apply and make them initial it. Bet you'll hear a different tune in the end. Consumer beware is the name of the game.
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Feb 11 
This Goof Proof *** will be the death of Bob's in a few years. Trust me on this. Everyone I know refuses to shop at Bob's ever again because of how Guardian acted to them. Really *** move on Bob's part.
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Feb 05  from Mt. Vernon, New York
We bought some a a leather loveseat and color is comin off I called and they told me is not covered this is *** cause when I purchase it they said it will covered cuts,rips from moving or anithing
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Feb 03 
i cracked the frame on my mirror in the process of moving it and apparently moving their pieces are "not covered under goof proof protection"...however if i spill a bottle of wine on my couch its covered..where is the logic here. i deeply regret buying anything from bobs.
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Feb 02  from Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
my daughter bought a bedroom set from Bob's moving the bed the headboard broke from the frame, she called for repair they sent a tech and he said because she moved the bed and it broke it wasn't covered..I was there so I said "write it up that it is covered or I get a lawyer, nothing stated consumer cannot mover their furniture around after purchase and delivery", tech then said your right and I will get it fixed for her...so what does this teach us...brush up on your lies to get covered what you paid for!!!!
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Jan 29 
We recently filed a claim with Guardian for our couch and loveseat....both have broken frames after 3 years. Since we bought the goof proof thing, I assumed we were covered. Needless to say, they denied us. My husband immediately called Bob Cares...they apologized and have arranged for a replacement delivery. If Guardian denies you....don't rest there....call Bob's directly. Worth a shot!
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Jan 30  from Queens, New York
Form what I gathered talking to the Bob's service rep, the company is aware they may have made a bad choice with Guardian and is trying to distance themselves from the issues that are starting to arise. My phone rep was all but apologetic. She told me exactly under what circumstances they'd accept a claim and let me tell you those are some wild parameters.
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Mar 30  from Holtsville, New York
yes, i was denied and bobs stepped in and replaced the whole table
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Jan 03  from West Springfield, Massachusetts
I have a sofa set that needs to be replaced the seats are
Seeking in towards the back now i read all these comments
He is probably going to deny me as well this is wing i was told to about kids pets everything and anything would be covered
So so wrong for sites to be able to do this
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Nov 28, 2013 

Jan 30  from Queens, New York
Actually, I was thinking the same thing. If I get denied I'd like to arrange pick up of your broken furniture and have all of our denied stuff delivered to bob's. We ca alert local media and even drive there ourselves and have some film crew friends of mine tape the whole affair.
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Nov 02, 2013 
Almost all of those kinds of plans are ***. There not offering you a great deal from the kindness of their hearts.
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Jul 22, 2013  from New York City, New York
Similar situation happened to me today! After waiting on hold for over 20 minutes and answering the customer service reps very pointed questions I was told NONE of the items I called in damaged will be covered. Needless to say i was furious as I stated to her ( Anna) that these dates were "approximate". She stated that I should've called them in immediately, the icing the cake is they "cannot" transfer me to a supervisor/manager because it is company policy???? How many customer service centers cannot transfer a frustrated caller to a supervisor??? They instructed me to write a letter to "dispute mailing address" which is a PO box in N.C....and get this, if they don't find your dispute valid they wont even reply to it!!! You cant make this stuff up and I am still in shock. I recently purchased a home and spent over 6k in BOBs, NEVER again.
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Jun 08, 2013  from Holyoke, Massachusetts
I have a leather recliner I bought 2 years ago and the screws started to fall out and the pull handle to recline fell off. When I finally got a hold of someone at "Goof Proof" it took another month to have a Tech. come out and replace screws, one doesnt even fit. I also have to replace the bottom of the recliner which was ordered that day and more than a month has gone by and nothing. When I made the initial appointment the goof proof staff advised me that if no one answers the door I would charged a $35.00 fee. I hope no one goes through this....please dont use them or Bobs furniture. Very disappointed!
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Jun 04, 2013  from Newark, New Jersey
We damaged our sofa frame during a move? Does anyone know if that would be covered?
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Apr 26, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
just call back and make a claim but dont tell them your dog did it... simple solution.
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Feb 19, 2013 
I remember specifically when we bought out kitchen chairs and couch the sales rep convinced us to buy the goof proof BECAUSE we had a cat; he told us flat out that if the cat scratched the furniture that it would be covered. I'm very disappointed to hear that they don't cover pet damage. And if that is true then it is clear that either the sales people are poorly trained or simply liars.
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Feb 07, 2013 
@Travis , I read your complaint and have to agree with you. I had lots of issues with bobs furniture. I even think they sell refurbished furniture on occasions. I been denied of claims as well and I will never shOp there too. Everytime I see his *** commercial , I laugh because he's so corny and a phony. I was told by a sales guy thStif I purchased the warranty , by the time almost 5 years is up , I can take a baseball bat and break all the furniture. What a *** artist, and I'm not dumb cause I knew he was full of it. There poor sales people and customer service and all they want is a commission. They don't make much money (salary)so they have to lie and
sell. I'm putting I'n a claim on my leather couch and I will make sure I day the right thing. Take care
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