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Throw Your Money Away...Bob's Sells Junk

Complete and total junk. I warned my girlfriend not to deal with these scammers, but she thought she knew better. After all, aren't they folksy on the phone! She needed a mattress set. Shopping for a mattress set is tricky...there are no sleazier sellers than the bedding business. I had told her to go to or order from Norwalk Mattress Company, the most reputable that I've found. Stay away from Sleepy's. They are ripoff artists. 800 Mattress is OK. For $500.00, I can recommend their Islandia Queen Plus. Nice for the money. But Bob's is the sleaziest of the sleaze. They sell junk, and of course, don't stand behind it. Her Bob-O-Pedic experience is insulting. Plus, when they arrived, the plastic was ripped, and dirt, rips and scuff marks were on the edge of the mattress, where it was dragged. To my girlfriend's credit, she saw this and wouldn't allow their delivery *** into the house. They kept shoving the receipt book to sign in her face. She refused to sign. They stood over her, pressuring her to sign. They spoke absolutely zero English. There is no doubt that these delivery felons would have left the mattress in the hall, except they are required to get a signature. She called Bob's, but after waiting 25-minutes on the phone, she gave up. Because she refused to sign and take delivery, her's has a happy ending. I feel sorry for others who simply don't know how to research stores before buying. Stay away from this hellhole. Buy cheap, buy twice. And it doesn't get any cheaper than Bob's.
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I don't know where Matt is getting his 98% consumer happiness stat, per the BBB company score is C- and had many more complaints listed than their competitors when I looked last week....I only looked this up when a "leather" couch I ordered oct 1 magically disappeared from their ware house, im still waiting for delivery....


How many of these posters work for competing furniture companies. This poster sounds eerily like Bernie and Phil's daughter (don't tell Bernie)


That's right the delivery guy raped my dog, then he kicked it. I was so upset I wet myself. You people are either full of cr*p or you let the world walk all over you.


Consumer One - I decided to test out a theory. You say because all these concerned consumers decided to post on here their negative experiences, Bob's must be the worst company of all time and not worth shopping at.

Well genius, take a look on this very website, all of our competitors are here as well... with just as many, and very similar complaints.

So, who do you go to if everyone is so bad? You better start building your own furniture from now one.


The bottom line--judging from the earnest consumers who went out of their way to comment about Bob's Discount Furniture--is that Bob's sells inferior, cheap, *** furniture, has terrible customer support (if you can get them on the phone), and terrible delivery people.

The bottom line here is...don't buy from Bob's. You can get much, much better for your money, while supporting furniture store's that really care about your business and support.

Bob's might have homey ad's, but that flies out the window once your credit card is authorized.

Bob's can wheel-out as many "Craig's" as they want, but people are smarter than that. Hopefully they read these reviews, and stay as far away from Bob's as possible.

One more friend needed a console to hold his 50" LCD TV and equipment He actually looked at Bob's, until I told him to stay away. Want to know what he did? He went on Craigslist, and bought a beautiful used West Elm dark chocolate-colored console on casters.

It is absolutely beautiful. He paid $130 for it...and it sells at West Elm for $400.00. What a smart move. I'd much rather buy used than buy the junk that Bob's sells...and then dealing with their vacant customer service when it breaks, or when their inept delivery people don't show, or destroy the furniture.


I am so sick of all you people complaining about Bobs. Everyone has issues, I get customers all the time who tell me that Bobs is the best company and that they have had issues with Ashley or Cardis or Jordans before.

Act like adults, dont you ever make a mistake???? When you deliver millions of dollars worth of furniture a week, things are going to happen.

We do our best to correct them and if we fail, we give you your money back. Why cant you act like adults and find something better to do with your time???


I am so sick of all you people complaining about Bobs. Everyone has issues, I get customers all the time who tell me that Bobs is the best company and that they have had issues with Ashley or Cardis or Jordans before.

Act like adults, dont you ever make a mistake???? When you deliver millions of dollars worth of furniture a week, things are going to happen.

We do our best to correct them and if we fail, we give you your money back. Why cant you act like adults and find something better to do with your time???


Not that I like to say things like this in general, but I just have to say it to you Mr. Greg - you must be retarded.

Investigate me for defending a company against ridiculour accusations? Well that is an interesting point of view - and by interesting I certainly me asinine.

Now, to the former customer.

I of course cannot account for every action of every delivery team (having several hundred) that works for Bob's directly as an employee or independent contractor, but I can tell you in general I delivery teams do not threaten or intimidate customers to accept deliveries of merchandise, and if they ever do such a thing, they would swiftly be reported to their supervisors and depending on the extent of the issue, would be disciplined appropriately... and in general that would be termination.


Matt...Why would she accept a ripped, scuffed and damaged mattress in the first place? That's idiotic.

Just read other comments on this site about their Bob's Discount Furniture experiences. They are awful.

I suggest that people do their research. I would rather buy used West Elm furniture on Craigslist than new junk from Bob's.

Heck, I'd rather buy a used mattress from a private party than a questionable one from Bob's. From our experience....and many others on this site, Bob's is a disreputable company.


I aree 100% with you consumer one. Bob's Discount Furniture should be investigated along with Craig the clown.

The amount of complaints are ridiculous and to see just one person "craig" on this site always commenting makes you wonder about his affiliation to the business.

Hey Craig...get a f#%&g life and a real job! Bobs sells Garbage!

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New York, New York
Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set
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Bob's Delivered Damaged Furniture Twice

On 8/7/08 we purchased a sofa and loveseat combo from Bob's Discount Furniture. The night before the expected delivery we disposed of our old furniture, as the retailer does not remove it. On 8/30/08 the sofa arrived heavily damaged. We refused delivery of the sofa, but accepted the loveseat, as it was in acceptable condition and Bob's promised a replacement sofa in two weeks. On 9/13/08 the replacement sofa also arrived with unacceptable damage. My wife and I decided that enough was enough, and demanded that Bob's take back the pieces with a full refund. The customer service rep initially refused a refund, citing that we were beyond their 3 day return policy. Instead we were offered a store credit, which was useless to us because the pieces were bought as a set and need to match. Only after my wife indicated that she would call the Better Business Bureau did Bob's agree to a refund, but insisted on keeping the $99 for the delivery. We considered it cheap tuition for a valuable learning experience.
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Well, I suspect you are right about the slash in the material - that does occur from time to time when unwrapping the pieces. And of course Bob's would want you to have a undamaged piece, and would continue to do what it needed to make sure that happened.

But at the same time, refunds of merchandise are not given once items enter a customers home - the sofa is one thing, being damaged, but the loveseat not being damaged is another issue altogther. So, while I absolutely understand your issue here, the delivery charge is absolutely non-refundable as long as there was no issue with the delivery team itself, as that is a service you are paying for - and even though the piece was damaged, the service was provided - 3 times.


"Craig" the clown shut the *** up already; your company sucks!


Craig, you must work for Bob's given the amount of defending you do of the company on this website. With respect to the first sofa, the front border of the left hand side panel was completely ripped out from the frame.

The second sofa had a very clean cut through the material, as if someone had accidentally cut the fabric with a utility knife during unpacking. Both types of damage were conspicuous and unacceptable for new merchandise, regardless of price.

Quality control standards should be in place to minimize the frequency with which these events occur, and to prevent such events from occurring twice with the same customer and the same piece. You should also be aware, that on purchasing the set, our salesperson reiterated several times, that if a piece was damaged, that we should not accept delivery of it.


I love people who shop bob's then complain about the qualitly or service. Bob's fills a need for those people who have little money.

You should lower your standards if you don't want to spend a lot of money. I think you got buyers remorse and was looking for an excuse to cancel your order.

$99.00 is a cheap price for two men a truck, insurance and fuel. So stop your whining.


What is your definition of "heavily damaged"? A tiny tear or small dirt mark? I only ask because you did not elaborate.

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Providence, Rhode Island
Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa

Bob's sucks

Waited all day for furniture to arrive which was supposed to be there at 10 am. Didn't arrive until 6 pm. When they finally got there, they asked if I had an electric screw driver since I was the last stop and the battery was dead. WEll it took about 20 mins to figure out what they were asking for because neither of the two *** hardly spoke english, or understood it. They put the bed set together wrong, it was so loose that I didn't trust having my son sleep on it. I called the main office to complain, all they did was offer me a $50.00 gift certificate. Bob's has nothing to offer, *** furniture, service, employees, and commercials. I'm ashamed that I even went there, I just figured that I would savve some money on my son's bedroom set since I would be buying another one in a few years anyway. I will never buy another thing from there. I can't even stand to see a Bob's delivery truck, and the commercials, OMG, the second the commercials comes on I have to change the channel, it's so annoying. Bob you must be making money with all the screwing over your doing too consumers, why don't you get a make over, or do something with yourself.
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yes my question is why isnt the company organization and forgetable? from day one when i purchased the furniture i had some problems.

one of the draws from the dresser came defective. why wasnt it replace during the delivery or checked? I had a broken headbroad come to my house the day of the deivery, now for something like that a new headbroad should have been delivered the next day but instead it came within a week. Today they delivered the headbroad but instead they missed some pieces.

Now they have to come within another week to fix the bed and wait for another delivery after this one to fix the dresser.

I had purchase this furniture like a month ago, now i have to wait another month for everything to be done. this is unexceptable because when i order something i would like to get all of my items in one day not a month like your employees are doing to me.


We purchased a "leather" couch set from Bob's. We didn't expect it to last for ever at the cheap price we paid.

LESS than ONE YEAR LATER the seams were coming apart and the "leather" was rubbing off. I literally was picking up chunks of fabric off my floor!! My previous set from Jordan's was used heavily and in great structural condition. I had made the mistake of buying light furniture and that was the only reason I bought a new set.

FALLING APART after several months. I will NEVER go to Bob's again.

What a complete waste of money. :cry


Aren't you just a ray of sunshine. You know, Bob's has an ALL DAY delivery service, as it states in numerous writings including just above the signature line on thye sales receipt you signed, so don't act like it is some national tragedy.

And secondly, if they told you the time window was 10-1 (not exact time is given, like 10am... it is a 3 hour window) then there is NO WAY you would have been the last stop... more than likely your time window was 1-4 if you were indeed the last stop. Secondly, if you were really calling the Customer Care Department about the bed being assembled wrong, they would have sent a team out there to re-assemble to bed, so I can only assume that you rejected this idea - as they would not have offered a GC without fixing the problem first.

And it's nice to hear you are "ashamed" to have been a customer at Bob's... what's interesting though, is that many companies in New England including places like Jordans and IKEA, not only sell much of the same furniture, they also use the same delivery services that Bob's does.

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Lawrence, Massachusetts
Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service

No Gimmicks, just plain BS!

Where do I begin...I decided to use Bob's after my sister- in - law bought some furniture there and said everything was ok. Turns out after looking at this website and ordering my furniture; she got lucky. First, I had the order set up for delivery on a Saturday; no call from them two days prior giving us a time frame. Come to find out after I called them that our order was never placed and the furniture was not coming on Saturday. The earliest they could get there now would be the following Wednesday. BS! After fighting with their $5 an hour customer service department who cares less how much you get inconvenienced I get them to come Monday. Second, my furniture comes on Monday and they ship only one box spring instead of the two ordered. Again customer service cares less and tells me they cannot get there until Wednesday with the second box spring; I flip out and they move it up to Tuesday. Third, the box spring comes to my house as they said it would, but again the order was wrong because they came with two box springs when only one was needed (obviously they have no Quality Assurance). Fourth, various pieces of furniture have been scratched, one piece missing finish so I called to get that rectified and the earliest is October 4th for them to come and look at the imperfections and decide what they will do for me....again BS! Fifth, the delivery team scratched my newly re done wood floors in multiple locations. I called CS about this and got a contact person and confirmation number and was told that I would get a call from the person in two business days if not call her directly. I called her yesterday because I have yet to recieve a call back and conveniently she is not there until next Wednesday for vacation. Again BS! Lastly, for all of the mess ups and lies and what i cannot do for you's all they did was take $100 off of my delivery charge. The delivery charge is $150 so they didn't even wipe the whole cost away! Again BS! This comes from the heart, do not EVER shop at Bob's discount furniture. Spend a little more and go somewhere else their are many furniture store out there. They have the worst customer service department in the U.S.A. and that clown Bob that you see on TV is the gimmick because if you ask to speak to him he is never convenient! I shopped at the Farmingdale location on route 110 and I recommend if you are out searching for furniture to drive past it and never look back!
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It is obvious that "Craig" is connected to Bob's, whether a direct employee or in some other form. Some complaints here are bogus and some are entirely legit.

We were contemplating a purchase at Bob's and now are looking elsewhere. What convinced us to stay away? Yes the many many many bad reviews I've read, but even moreso the complete arrogance and disrespect that "Craig" shows the majority of people here. Craig defends Bob's because he has an interest in it somehow...

but in doing so, he generally tells those that post here that they are idiots and it is their fault somehow. Regardless of the validity of their complaints, the response speaks volumes. If someone is scrubbing posts here and posting defenses, such as "Craig," they have an interest in Bob's, and if they are as rude as Craig is, then that speaks to the professionalism of Bob's.

Just as if I tell a customer where I work to screw off, it reflects poorly on the company. Craig thinks he's helping Bob's, but he's really only making them look like ***.



I am sure I don't have to tell you, but a clown and a joke would be someone who only takes one side of a story, as there are always two or more when different parties are involved. You sit there and pretend that Bob's is so aweful, and that every story you hear is 100% accurate and fair. Well let me tell you something, some of these complaints are legitimate, and some are complete fabrications. The center is filled with complaints that stem from misunderstandings, and both parties need to meet somewhere in the middle - as neither is fully to blame.

And John, if you want my opinion, I think your a simply a retard who believes he knows better. For those who do-no-know-better, what complaints are aimed to do, is feed them the Anti-Bob's Koolaid because of one bad experience, or perceived bad experience. FYI John, every company out there gets complaints, so if you do not want to do business with a company that gets complaints, you better start growing your own food, and making all your own merchandise, and provide your own entertainment.


Whoever this clown Craig is that comments on all these Bob discount Furniture store complaints is a joke. This might be Bob the gimmick that we see on TV for all we know.

Craig save your BS for some retard who does not know any better. Bobs discount furniture store are garbage from the commercials to the staff


First off, just to clear up your issue with the Customer Care Department... for one they make about 3 times as much as you suggest, and they do in fact care about Bob's customers.

And, instead of your sister in-law being "lucky" with Bob's, did you ever consider that you were just unlucky? It turns out Bob's has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers every year, so you issues are probably partly of your making.

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Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set

Bob O Pedic Stinks Horrible Pain and Numbness!!

My husband and I bought a Bob O Pedic mattress that was supposed to have our "satisfaction Guarantee" Yeah Right... " I Doubt It"!! Neither of us had any issues prior to the new mattress but after a few months of sleeping on it, we BOTH started...
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They are the worst

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Old Town, Maine
Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress

Bob's Stores disaster

Bob's furniture is the worst. I was apprehensive about buying something there and I was right. I bought a sleeper sofa on a saturday and theytold me it was in stock and delivery the next friday was no problem. I told them it was important because I had a guess staying over. Needless to say I took the day off and the couch never came. When I called they said they had re scheduled it for the following monday. They were very rude and I cancelled it. When I called to confirm the cancellation that Monday they said they had no record of the cancellation and they attempted to deliver it anyway but no one was home. The cutomer service person told me she put the cancellation in. I called 5 days later because I didnt see the credit on my card and they said my delivery was re scheduled for next week and no cancellation was in the system. They now swear it's cancelled but who knows. I'll never ever go there again
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My recliner is 3 months old the dye on the

recliner on the head rest has worn off. Called Bobs 3 days in a row put on hold, answering machine said I would be called the next day,, never happened.

Today put on hold sent to insurance people, we did insure the chair. That is not covered by the insurance. Got the store again.

No one seems to know what to do, reading these reports,this is all a scam, customers pay the brunt of it all. I will never recommend this stor to anyone.


I am looking to purchase some furniture for my new home, and my Grandma suggested that I go to Bobs. I stumbled upon this site while surfing the web, and after reading all the different complaints I noticed something I think to be funny.

Craig you are defending bob's, you use words like "we" which imply that you work for bob's. And your attitude towards these people's complaints only substanciate them.

Snide smart alick comments only make "your" company look worst. And I am most certainly NOT going to buy from bob's


Well all I can tell you is, next time you want to cancel an order for a refund, call the store... not the customer care department.

If you read your tri-fold, it tells you specifically that you should ONLY contact the store if the issue is prior to delivery, and ONLY contact the Customer Care department after the delivery. If you read a simple page worths of information, you would know that.

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Medina, Ohio
Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa

Furniture is cheap

We bought a living room set last year. The fabric on the couch that attaches the back cushions split. Customer service came and sewed it back together(horrible job) only to have it split that night. Nightmare customer service department finally replaced the couch. This one comes with no warranty because they do not consiider it new. The coffee and end tables were exchanged 3 times due to scratches and dents upon delivery. I sent them back as well. If i could I would return everything!!! Never buy at Bob's!!!!! Their furniture is cheaply made and their service is even worse!!!!!
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i bought a couch the dekota it looked great on the sales floor after one week the frame broke they exchanged it the second one kept getting loose strings then tearing flipped cushions and more tearing we had goof proof protection but still had warrente but the set is discontinued so i dont like this years *** and they cant fix the less than a year set im having hard time my husband thinks i should see a bobs shrink :cry


matt give up the goody two shoe policy bobs sucks


I agree with matt. it's not where you buy it, it's what you buy.

I mean you do go to the store view and try the items you are buying.

so right there you would know how it is built and feels. falls under the category of buyers beware....


These complaints about Bob's cheap furniture crack me get what you pay for, man. I needed a new living room sofa and chair and went to Restoration HW...pricey, but beautifully crafted and perfectly delivered. Oh and my previous furniture was from Jennifer Convertibles...lasted nearly 20 years and would have lasted longer if my cats didn't scratch the corners, so they're an excellent company, too.


I have a BobOPedic and that rascal is the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on. Bob is the man!!


Manufacturers, and sometimes retailers such as Bob's offer a warranty that guarantees an item free of manufacturers defects for a specified length of time. This warranty only applies to purchased items, naturally.

If a sofa was replaced because it was found to have a manufacturers defect inside the waranty time frame, it would be replaced, but the warranty only lasts until the original warranty runs out, as the new item is by no means a new purchase, and therefore the warranty does not simply start all over again. And by the way, this warranty is from the manufacturer who makes the furniture, if their warranty runs out, do you except Bob's to simply continue to send new pieces out of their own pocket for a lifetime?


Im sorry for your bad luck with bob's. Im a former employee and i'll tell you that can happen anywhere.

The thing people need to realize is that there are many different furniture stores carrying the same products as bob's. such as jordans, bernie and phyls and cardis in this area.

so if u think bob's has cheaply made furniture, your basically saying that the latter stores suck too. Sometimes it doesnt matter where you buy your furniture but actually WHAT you buy.


Same products? I don't think so.

It's a fact Bob's Discount Furniture has the lesser quality of all stores. Ashley is the only brand I know that is carried by all four retailers. Bernie's, Cardi's and Jordans carry a few of the same manufacturers, like Klaussner, Futura, etc. That's where talking to a salesperson comes in handy.

A good one should be able to tell you the differences between one brand vs. the other. My wife and I have had great experiences at Jordans years back, and more recently at Bernie and Phyl's. We bought 3 rooms worth of stuff (living room was a replacement of Bob's stuff bought just 2 short years ago).

The salesman we worked with was great and knew his stuff. Bob's has great prices, but that's about it.

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Boston, Massachusetts
Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set

False Advertising and liars

Bobs ads say, "who are you going to call?" meaning that the big stores willnot stand behind their products but bob will. I called Bobs when I was dissatisfied with my $1000 sofa, I asked for Bob. Bob does not take calls. Bob is not even the owner any more!!!!! Some company from Britain bought them over a year ago. Bob is just the spokesperson now. I will NEVER buy from them again. I got no satisfaction. My sofa is not as comfy as the store sample. It sucks and so does Bob. I have not read the terms of service, I am just checking it off.
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Thank you craig for actually taking a moment to explain to people how wrong they are about this rapidly growing company called bob's. Bob must be doing something right.


Actually Bob is not only the spokesman of the company, he also holds a share of the ownership and is the companies President. The company itself currently has 31 locations in New England, New Jersey, and New York - of which had 416,000 customers last year alone.

Do you honestly except Bob to be able to take every complaint that comes along?

And furthermore, do you honestly believe he should be taking every single complaint that comes along for "comfort" issues? That is just asinine to expect that of any one man.


I feel really sorry for you, your really a dumb person. Maybe you forgot to realize the fact is that the floor model had hundreds of peoples butt's on it before yours.

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Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa
New Reviewer

Poorly built pine frame couch broke in 3 weeks

We purchased a $600.00 brown leather couch with a pine frame this past February, 2008. There were cracking sounds heard but could not see any thing wrong. Then, finally, there was a big cracking sound and the wooden frame popped out from the leather covering. We shored...
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Joe- Do you work for Bob's? It sounds like you do.

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Eatontown, New Jersey
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Do not stand behind their so called customer satisfaction guaranteed

We purchased 3 bureaus on 9/08 all 3 pieces loaded with holes,dents,scratches..called bob's discount furniture ..because we picked up furniture no refund, no help & no warranty service...would have to pay delivery fee to have new pieces delivered and inspected..they came with so called new pieces,all defective..was told this was what it should look like,even delivery men said they were defective...on phone for over an hour, they reluctantly agreed to give refund...still have all 3 original pieces in our bedroom waiting to be picked up..will never do business with them again! buyer beware!
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actually i was there with the guy from the first exchange. They were commenting on the drill you had.

Your sons were there for the pick up. live in a town famous for cranberries


Matt isn't a delivery driver - he's some schmoe who works in the office of Bob's who hacked his way into my account to sound like he knew what he was talking about. He has changed his tune because he doesn't know anything about the interaction between the real delivery people & me.

I work in the insurance industry too. HIPPA applies not only to medical records but also financial records. Since he hacked into my account for the sole purpose of discrediting me on the internet that's a clear violation that the feds take seriously.

Good luck, Matt....



Matt is 100% correct about the way those items are made. And I too am sorry you did not notice it in the store.

However, I was a little curious about the HIPPA comment - what does that have to do with a delivery driver talking about futiture? It caught my attention because I used to be in the medical insurance business, and that is of course a common term I heard back then. It has no application here, though.


okay, i was at your house the last time. for your pick up.

i never hacked into anything, i saw all the items that you sent back with my own eyes. true the lingerie chest had a crack but what i was trying to say is that the furniture that you bought was supposed to have wormholes and other distress marks. alot of people dont look over the furniture at the store, only when they recieve it at their home. im sorry that you didnt see that in the store but dont get mad at me for telling the truth.

and btw corporate isnt located in nh. i did nothing wrong but tell you that you got exactly the same product thats in the showroom.


Awesome - so you work for Bob's and hacked into my account. They're gonna love that at corporate in NH.

So tell me, Mr Deliveryman, before I report you, (you'll be surprised at the implications of HIPPA) what was the website I showed you & what was on it?




You're so full of *** - you never came to my house - you can't even tell me the website I showed you, so just admit it. Besides, you keep "forgetting" about the FOURTH piece we returned.

What was that smart guy, huh? So just *** if all you're going to do is lie.


For your information i have delivered this particular set many times and it is called the Waverly set by pinewood. It has wormholes and deep lines along the drawers.

This is called distressing or "grandma's keepsakes", which they call at some stores. I did not need to look at the other chests, the lingerie chest was unopened and had the same marks as every single piece of this set i have ever seen, store or delivery. And all the technician would have done was tell u that u bought a distressed set, thats it.

The reason of this distressing is to make it look antique. Every single other furniture store has sets that are made like this.


Matt? You picked up the furniture, huh? So tell me - what website did I show you? Also, how did you see that all the furniture was fine when 2 of the bureaus were still in their box when you picked them up? And how do you explain the BACK of the lingerie chest along with the crack underneath the frame on the top cover?

Wormholes? It looked like someone attacked it with a nail gun & then slashed it with a small hachet.

The reason they didn't send a "service technician" is that would have been free to me. They decided to scam me out of a delivery charge instead.


I picked these 3 pieces up at this customers home today. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the pieces the problem was the customer did not examine the furniture closely when they were in the showroom picking out the bedroom set. This set was not discount, there were wormholes etc added at the factory as a distressed look.

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Carver, Massachusetts
Bobs Discount Furniture Warranty
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BOB's Delivery Nitemare

Ok i had a delivery today per the salesman The delivery men were supposed to take down the old bed and frame and setup the new bed, frame and mattress', they came saw the old bed and said they do not take down the old bed and when asked if they set up the new on...
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You two are frigging funny!!! When was the last time that either of you had a hit??? Get out there and get your next hit!!!!

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We purchased bedroom set for 14 year old girl 12/02. By April of 04 the dresser was bowing in the middle. We purchased the goof proof for an extra $100.00. Guardsman told me "you live too close to the beach, that caused the particle board to warp, and so sorry, we don't cover warping..." Appalled, I let this go. I admit, my fault. Recently stopped by Bob's to see if maybe we could replace the dresser, as of course it has worsened. Now none of the drawers close. (this child is now 18). Salesman told me they would come out on best effort service. Tech came out on 8/8/08 He said "staples hold this thing together" so he replaced the staples with screws but said "you have to call guardsman to have them come out and rebuild the dresser". He put me on the phone with parts dept at Bobs who assured me even though warranty expired with Guardsman, he would speak to his liaison and help me out. He dropped the call, but I was still holding with the Guardsman music. Guardsman said, we see your claim, it's been PENDING since April 2004. WHAT???? OK, what do you need? They requested copy of invoice with case number, which I immediately mailed to them, as I had my notes on it from the call in 4/04. On 8/19/08 Guardsman called to deny any claim, stating that I was out of warranty, and they waited 4 years for me to mail the copy of my invoice! I asked to speak to a sup, and was referred back to Bob's customer service. Now the Bob's rep says, we'll send the tech back to your house, because "I AIN'T GOT NO IDEA WHAT HE TALKIN BOUT".... that call was set up for 8/26. Ah, no show, no call. I called. Found out that call had been cancelled by the service department, on 8/21 as tech said he couldn't do anything else, and was caused by customer abuse! This rep called Guardsman, who said out of warranty is out of warranty, and the claim has aged out of the system. Guardsman says "no further options". Bob's rep says, let me send a DIFFERENT rep to your house. He showed up today 9/4/04, and guess what... this is a manufactures defect... center bar snapped, support under top of dresser off... oh well, so sad lady, can't help you. He put me on the phone with yet another Bob's rep, who reiterated the same. You're out of warranty... I asked how to contact someone other than her, and was told, "there isn't anyone, but you can write to Consumer Relations 428 Tolland Tpke Manchester, CT 06040 "That's Bob's secretary, she'll get the mail" I may just take a ride there to speak to Bob myself... Connecticut isn't all that big!
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The best effort service is exactly as it sounds - A service technician will go out to a customers home to provide the best effort he can in order to fix a particular item. If the piece is unrepairable, there is obviously nothing the technician can do.

Products are only guaranteed free of manufacturers defects for so long, in this case 1 year, did you expect Bob's to simply replace the piece because it started having problems 2 years later? And guardsman I know would not have replaced the piece, because the damage needs to be the result of 1 particular incident, like dropping it down the stairs.

Do you really call your auto insurance company and then the dealer, because your car starts to lose its paint, and begins to rust because you live by the ocean? If you did, you would be crazy, no one with common sense would expect either the insurance company or the dealership to cover this type of issue after the bumper to bumper warranty runs out on the vehicle.

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After delivery drivers left trash in Street

Bobs Discount Furniture - After delivery drivers left trash in Street
Bobs Discount Furniture - After delivery drivers left trash in Street
What gives Bob's drivers the right to think that they can leave their trash from a delivery in the Street....Bob needs to teach his people about respect.On Sept 4 they made a delivery and unboxed it in the Street.....First they had the Street blocked by the empty box and this caused drivers to come to a stop and work there way around the empty box. After the delivery the removed the box but left the bands and the white foam in the road and drove away....This was left on the Street some 4 feet away from 3 trash cans....Bob...if your going to come into my neighborhood you had better show some respect.
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They should have picked up the trash. I think he has a right to be a little annoyed.


Hahahahah, wow u really expected the delivery team to get out their dyson vaccum didnt u?


you are such a ***!!!!! relax the world will not end due to some plastic on the street!!!!

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Bob's Furniture is garbage

I bought a entertainment center and LR set. The entertainment center was delivered three times. First time, one piece was the right color the other wasn't. The right piece the wood was cracked. The second delivery attempt again one right piece one wrong piece, kept the right piece. The third delivery attempt right color, but cracked again. i just returned it. Within 3 months the "leather" started flaking off the LR set. Called Bob's for fixing. They came and colored it in. That was the best they could do, even though it was still under warranty they refused to replace the furniture. Then 3 months later, the cushions were cracking and the insides could be seen. Have to wait three months for manufacturer to replace, not under the "Goof Proof" insurance. Biggest pieces of garbage I have ever purchased. Just recently dissuaded many people from purchasing from Bob's. Hope this helps!
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Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set
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Bob's discount furniture protection plan

WE purchased all new furniture when we bought our first house 2 years ago and we spent about $6,000 total, including a new bedroom set, living room and kitchen table with chairs. We have since then placed 3 complaints with the customer service department regarding quality, and we have been denied 2 times so far by their "protection" plan provider, Guardsman, which is a Valspar company. The finishing on the tables are peeling and chipping, granted some is due to putting water glass on the table, but I have had cheap tables from IKEA withstand the same in a 5 year period, that Bob's table could not take for more than a couple of months. The protection plan is supposed to cover water damage, but not so when you file the claim. Every chip we have reported that is not a water damage is considered by Bob's certified technicans to be water damage. We had our coffee table repaired because it was missing parts from the factory, and instead of replacing the parts, the technician ducktaped the table!! I will never spend another dime in their store and this 3rd complaint is our very last before I file an official complaint with BBB as well as Consumer advocacy groups in New England where Bob's operate.
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We have bought a few pieces of furniture from bobs.....a kitchen table and leather sectional and bobopedic bed. I also purchased the goof-proof protection plan.

I have to say that I am pretty please with them. I completely messed up my table with scratches, scuff marks, heat marks and spilled nail polish remover that took a good coat of the paint off. My couch just had these spots on them and had lost its luster, prob cause I cleaned it with all purpose cleaner. I put a complaint in, filled out the online form and about 3 weeks later the guy was in my house fixing the problems.

Table looks good again and couch is shinny once again. No prob, they just take too long!


hide your dogs from the goof proof nazi's. They claimed they saw teeth marks, I think it was probably the *** the tech was smoking!


First, you all need to understand that you get what you pay for when it comes to furniture. Purchasing all your furniture at Bobs may be inexpensive but it only causes problems in the future.

The protection plan is for accidental damages caused by the consumer, not manufacturer defect.

No warranty covers everything, no matter what the sales people try to sell you. Maybe read the plan before you buy it...


Haven't any of you contacted BBB and your local consumer protection dept near you. Also you can take them to small calims court if they don't fullfill their contract.


Got bedbugs from a bobs bedframed that turned to be INFESTED. Called Bob's and spoke to "Judy" who said that's impossible cause bedbugs don't breed or stay in bedframes.


Every website I checked said they breed in wood frames. BOB's is GARBAGE and staff is COMPLETELY RUDE!!!


For your information, I have tables from IKEA that I bought for $20 and I have had glasses, bottles, spills, etc, without any damage, I would think if you spend $700 on a table, the clear poly coat that is to protect the surface could handle a glass, especially since it is a kitchen dining table, and not a cafe table that you have for viewing only. The bottom line is, the protection plan says it will cover damage caused by spills, etc, but they deny each claim and say it is not in the contract, even when I have the contract where it states in black on white that it will cover stains, spills, and damages caused by such, even though this damage is not caused by a spill, the surface has plainly chipped off.


I also had a bad experience with goof proof. I bought a leather couch and chair and purchased the goof proof protection.

We had an accidental rip in the leather due to a home improvement project and when the technician came to review the damage we were denied as they stated it was pet damage (which is not covered). I called to complain and told them that the fact that we have two dogs has nothing to do with the damage and the pets did not cause the rip and they told us the technician said it was pet damage and there was nothing we could do. DO NOT BUY GOOF PROOF IF YOU OWN PETS! Yor poor pets will get blamed and Bob's will have an "excuse" not to honot their agreement.

I will NEVER purchase from Bob's again!

As a matter of fact, everytime we are around Bob's we go in and get free food and snacks just despite them!!! lol


I F*&$# hate Bob's and I will make sure my whole family and everyone I know never buys *** from there again.


I would suggest not purchasing the Goof Proof Protection plan myself. But if you were putting glasses on the table with nothing beneath them, well then that is your own fault, come on - it is not fair to blame Bob's because you do not care enough about your furniture to make sure it is not abused.

And to the poster below, if your bunk bed was indeed falling apart for manufacturing reasons, and not because your children did not treat it well, then you should have called Bob's, not guardsman.

Guardsman is a customer caused accident protection plan, not a manufacturing warranty, like that offered through Bob's. keep that in mind in the future.


I can sympathize with you. I bought a bunk bed for my little ones there and paid extra for all the added protection...what a joke!!

A few months later the top bunk bed i called the protection Co. and blah blah blah and much later I got NOTHING but a broken bed and more cost to buy a new one..SOMEwhere else!!!! Not to mention after the top broke we took it apart so my kids wouldnt get trapped or killed by the death trap bed from bob's!! then the other bunk broke..same thing!!

so needed two new beds.

I was angry..and all there protection gimmicks are just that ....gimmicks..dont buy here or pay the added for the will only end badly!! Trust'll get nowhere with it but a run around head ache.

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