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we bought 4 rooms of furniture, 18 months ago. Now the first few went well.

We special ordered a leather sectional, When they were del. They slit one of the wedge right down the front...They were missing one wedge, the 2 recliners came damage and the ottoman was scuffed. I was told to take what they had n they would reorder the damage pcs. well 18 months later now I'm told item is discontinued...

WE got back to the store and try to reorder other sets...several times, they try to del 1/2 orders and we refuse the del. now we finally have had it and went with another company. they took my credit/ debit cards 6 times and promise or 3 months I will get the credit. They have nice been to my house 5 times to del pcs of furniture that have been cancelled..

They tried to del a make counter it needs all 3 pcs to stand but they died to del only 1....

We paid cash $1659.00 and til date have no create...2 day we r old no create until items comes back to store. And I will have to wait up to another 3 weeks or my money.

I said I want a check when u pick up...Since in 18 months you can't get an order right.....Filed today with Suffolk County Court...Customer service 2 hours on the phone can't help do what u have too. Mean while every visit to the store has taken at least 3 hours or more with Severely Autistic Children...THEY DON' t care about people.....I tried to work with them but they just don't care....DO NOT BUY??????FROM THEM

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i m sorry for what is happening, but i can suggest u a site u can become a member and the lawers will help u to deal with it. if u r interested send me an email at and i will email u the link.

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