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I purchase a living room dinning room and entertainment unit on 11/30/07 delivery was scheduled for 12/3/07 it came damaged redeliver 3 days later damaged again only i sorry from cust service. redeliver on sat colors off need to reschedule not to mention packing material left all over driveway and drivers just took off no signature.

4th time dinning room was corrected now the entertainment unit is remaining due to be delivered jan 16 never arrived called and they made a mistake its back ordered till feb. Recieved call saying delivery is scheduled for feb 2. it arrived damaged and with left towers called cust ser spoke with corp manager promised i would have a replacement today 2/7/08 guess what i was never scheduled. I am now on phone wanting all the furniture taken back as this is not a COMPANY TO DO BUISNESS WITH!!!!!!!

I would of been better off getting the furniture at fortuneoff atleast i would of saved my money. 7 days times $250 = 1500 unit at other store was 1400. I would not recommend this merchant to anyone i would rather sit on crates than give them another nickle.

Next step is opening case with cusomer affairs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $5238.

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Hunter, North Dakota, United States #6732

I bought a living room set from Bob's Sofa & Loveseat. It was deliveered Decemer 17, 08.

By January 17, 08 it had started to fray. I called customer service and was on hold for 25 minutes could not get through to anyone I called again LAter that afternoon. Onhold for 45 minutes this went on for two weeks. I finally called the store the girl said she would e-mail customer service and have them call me back after waiting for the call for a week I called the store again.

Again the same thing happened I waited again for a week and called the store again. Same thing and a promise they would make sure they called. Thye did nit call. I finally called and waited on hold for over an hour until I finally got someone.

Thye are suppossed to come today March 25th, 2008. One of the cushions is now completley ripped down one said and the other cushions are fraying. I think Bob's customer service is a disgrace. one hour hold times is totally unacceptable.

I would not buy from Bob's again. My furniture arrived damaged which I told the guy and I had to wait 3 months to have someone come and look at it.

Hopefully they show up today. If not I am going to drive the sofa to the store.

Cat Attack
Rosemount, Minnesota, United States #3971

I hear you! We bought a mattress from them and both took the day off when it was supposed to be delivered.

They called us that morning to say they couldn't find the mattress.

Kind of hard to lose a queen size mattress, wouldn't you say? We both had to take another day off of work because these chuckleheads couldn't get it right.

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