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In 2016 I purchased two reclining sofas.

Upon delivery one sofa was in working condition and the other one was defective causing them to have to make three separate deliveries to eventually deliver the second sofa in working condition. Not only that, the sofas were in a completely different color than what I’ve selected. However, I decided to keep the furniture because I couldn’t trust them to deliver the right color and working furniture so I bit the bullet on that one. A little over a year, that same piece of furniture stopped reclining.

I contacted customer service and was informed that the sofa that was not going to be in stock until the next year and I should go to Bob’s and select a whole new set. I went to the store just to find out that I had use my goof proof insurance to cover the new selection because it was past year warranty that Bob’s covers. Not only that, I had to re-purchase the groof proof insurance for the new selection that I was going to get in exchange for the recliners. Obviously, after this incident I had no choice but to re-purchase the goof proof insurance.

So, I ended up spending more money because they sent me defective furniture. I go into the Bob’s location to reluctantly selected a completely different set, a sectional, then the one I originally went to Bob’s to purchase. I asked customer service to make sure the furniture was checked by a manager because of my previous experience. I was assured by customer service that they made a note in the system to have the manager check this furniture before was packaged and shipped out.

I get the delivery of the new furniture and the deliverymen damage the furniture on its way into my apartment two separate times. They eventually were able to deliver me the furniture without damage so I thought. I received this new sectional in May of this year. My lease was up at my apartment and I decided to move.

In moving, the movers pick up the furniture and underneath the furniture there was a sticky tape like fabric on the bottom which appear to be covering up something. I peeled the sticky fabric tape back to find two puncture holes in my “new” furniture which was supposed to have been checked by a manager before being packaged and shipped. I call customer service again and they tell me that they have to send out a technician so that he can reupholster that piece of furniture. I told them it was completely unacceptable and I am do not going to accept furniture having to be reupholstered by technician who is clearly is not a manufacturer.

Not only did I find DAMAGE to the bottom of the furniture, but when the furniture was delivered by the deliverymen they deliberately did not hinge the sectional together because it is not in alignment with the brackets that should hold it together as a sectional. I was told by customer service that all they can do is send out a technician and if the technician has to remove the hinges, which he/she would have to, creating *** in the furniture that my only other option is to get store credit for the sectional and reselect yet another living room set making this my third selection. I am completely disgusted by the service that this company has shown me. Just to let you know I did not make the cheapest selection, this furniture cost me just under $2000.

They got their money, but have yet to deliver me a piece of furniture in working non-damaged condition. The level of deceit that this company has shown customers such as the ones posting comments here, is utterly repulsive.

This store needs to be put out of business and DEFINITELY reported to the Better Business Bureau.

***Below you will see four pictures. The damage they tried to cover up and pass off as new with fabric tape; the damage underneath the fabric tape, damage to the left part of the sectional, and the alignment issue with the sectional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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