Revere, Massachusetts
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What gives Bob's drivers the right to think that they can leave their trash from a delivery in the Street....Bob needs to teach his people about respect.On Sept 4 they made a delivery and unboxed it in the Street.....First they had the Street blocked by the empty box and this caused drivers to come to a stop and work there way around the empty box. After the delivery the removed the box but left the bands and the white foam in the road and drove away....This was left on the Street some 4 feet away from 3 trash cans....Bob...if your going to come into my neighborhood you had better show some respect.

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They should have picked up the trash. I think he has a right to be a little annoyed.


Hahahahah, wow u really expected the delivery team to get out their dyson vaccum didnt u?


you are such a ***!!!!! relax the world will not end due to some plastic on the street!!!!