Paterson, New Jersey

I bought a recliner at Bob's and also got suckered into purchasing the insurance to repair or replace it if damaged. Well in September it got a slight teaar in the seat; I called Guardsman and reported the claim.

The inspector came by, took some pics and said we would gear from them soon. We were told that the recliner could not be repaired at which time we were offered a $99.00 settlement or a replacement recliner; we opted for the replacement. We received a confirmation from Guardsman stating that the item is in stock and we would receive it within 2-3 weeks; the letter from Guardsman was dated Nov 2, 2009. After waiting 3 weeks and still no recliner I again called and after several calls to both Bob's and Guardsman finally set up a delivery date for this!

Well guess what; I just received a phone call from Bobs and guess what? the item is not in stock and they will not be delivering it this Wednesday. Once again I made several calls and now I am so frustated because no one knows what happened but the assured me that they will be calling me back with a answer. I won't be holding my breath!

So now for not only Thanksgiving but also for Christmas, I'll have a ripped horrible looking recliner sitting in my living room.

In the sceme of things I know this isn't important but I am just so frustrated with the customer service from these two companies. Merry Christmas!

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We got screwwed even worse. We got suckered into buying the goof proof because we have 2 teens who use the room.

after 5 friends left we found marks on our new couch and the guardsman people say it is not covered since we cannot tell them what the stain is. Do I need to get a chemical analysis? There were 5 teens in the room who knows how it happened?

***! screwed again!:(


Salesman in Yonkers lied and said chair will be in Friday, then Monday, then we find out it will be at the WAREHOUSE Tuesday, and then they will arrange a delivery date,well it was suppossed to be a hannukah gift, looks more like a Christmas gift now !! Don't believe the salesman !!

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