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This began about 5 going on 6 months ago. This will be an outrageous story when i am through explaining it.

My girlfriend and i purchased items for 2 rooms from the BOBS Furniture in West Roxbury, Ma. We saved for this and expected nothing more than to be treated fairly and with respect. We had the first attempt of four made to our home with our product, only to have the table broken and the chairs dinged upon initial delivery. We requested that the plastic to all chairs be taken off and they would not do it.

Citing that "it wasn't there job", thus leaving us with a mess. The boxes and trash were then left all over our lawn along with our own tools being taken that they had to borrow. They were rude and hitting on both my girlfriend and i while in our home. We are a *** couple and felt very threatened.

I subsequently got in touch with the store and demanded to speak with the owner whom i thought should know who he/she has working for them as far as employees. This was appalling to us. We got in touch a few days later with the area manager after several several calls to the GM. After explaining this story in length to her she seemed apologetic and offered to send us out a new product the next week.

Accompanied by a team with a manager along with them. That ultimately did not happen. We also got half of our money back. The money was not the issue and it did not make right how we were treated by the first team.

The furniture was suppose to come a week later and it did not. After taking the now second day off work and loosing pay to wait for this i was infuriated. When i called they said they were sorry but the furniture was on back order and not even in stock! Again unacceptable.

I sat all day waiting. So the 3rd attempt came and the second team. They walked in my home and ruined my $600.00 oriental runner in my hallway with there muddy shoes, tracking dirt and mud throughout my home. I could not believe this was happening.

I requested they take there shoes off at the door and they said they are going in and out and have no time to do that. In my opinion all employees should wear shoe covers when in a customers home. So they continued. They also had no tools with them and requested my own to use.

I allowed this yet again and they continued taking the plastic off my 6 high top bar stools with an exacto knife. Cutting all 6 stools around the edge into the leather and ruing all 6. Cutting into the leather all around each one. Not even un screwing the bolts and taking the seats off then pulling the plastic off properly.

That was not done at all. They then came in the house to tell me "you don't want the pub table we brought", "it is all broken and scratched up", Ugh were my thoughts and again i'm on the phone with the store and the GM. Who was absolutely not a bit remorseful nor helpful. I demanded the area manager call me and he said he would have her call me right away.

She never called. Right there i said "Get out out of my house". Another day lost of work and pay. Moving forward we get into the 4Th attempt which they were scheduled between the block of 8-12pm.

At 530pm they showed up. I am now very upset and unable to get ahold of the area manager after insisting through the store GM to have her call me ASAP. She did not and still to this day has not. The 4Th team came in and had a bad bad bad attitude right from the start.

They seemed to have a problem with the delivery because they were moving things out and bringing the new undamaged product in and setting it up as it should have been. There was one of two individuals who became very threatening to both my gf and i. I was dealing alone with the issue and had to call her in to help me with the issue because i did not want to be in there alone with him the way he was acting. He put all the new replaced furniture in my living room and left it there .

Demanding i sign the papers so they can go. I said absolutely not. That is a dining room set with hutch and it belongs in my dining room. Please put it in there.

They threw there papers down and proceeded to move it in the next room. Now asking me to sign the papers again,"your wasting my god *** time", i said NO. Set it up, take the plastic off and please put the hardware to such as knobs etc on the proper pieces. Then he said, "that's not our job", sign the F&*^&*% papers, your wasting our time.

Then i got uneasy and said i am not signing anything to get out of our home. He said verbatim, "your nothing but a bunch of F^%$#@#$ DYKES and its OK i know where you live. Then threw the tools at us and left. Leaving the boxes and plastic and all wrappings strewed all over our home and lawn and porch.

I was scared and uneasy so we immediatley went to file a police report with QUINCY PD in Quincy, MA and consulted my lawyer to protect ourselves. I took huge offense being a *** couple with his words and insults to us. I was enraged and appalled and what struck us even more was not one person on the corporate level contacted us. I intend to take this as far as i need to and make sure this never happens to anyone else again.

BOBS furniture should be ashamed at how they acted and the fact that no one took responsibility for these employees actions made us more upset. This is a big company not just some small town furniture store. With these actions come consequences and i look forward to the days ahead to find out just what bobs intends on doing with the way they treated customers. Its appalling and i am deeply regretful for buying anything from this company.

This is outrageous. With deepest regret Dana Sterling and Kandace Craft!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Same Problem.. Bob's is dishonest and they sell low quality products that ware off in 2 years.

Sofa leather peels off, dining table paint comes off etc. stay away from Bobs.


I recently had a similar experience with this company and I am still in shock! My partner and I ordere a living room set, along with a very nice bedroom set and low and behold they were three days late upon arrival. We called several times and could not reach a live person. When we finally called the store past tbere 9am window time of delivery we treated with such disrespect and utter cruel ness! I chalked it up as a bad delivery experience and vowed we would never buy from there again. The delivery men and woman tracked mud across my white carpet as well as used profanity throughout the set up! I asked them to leave and left it up to my partner to set up later that evening! I was very caught off guard and felt extremely uncomfortable throughout the entire situation. Would not recommend bobs to anyone I know for future purchases!


Mrs. Harper


Bobs leather soho leather set is awful. The leather is wearing and peeling off and they will do nothing to help me.

They say i am under warranty yet they are saying that it's not a manufacturing problem because it happened after it was delieverd. AWFUL. Not sure how i would cause leather to peel.. They do not stand by their word and guardsman is awful..

They have not been helpful. I loved the couches when i bough them they were not cheap.. I am so disappointed in this svs.

I will never buy from Bobs again. The customer is usually right but at this store they are not flexible.


I'm sympathetic to every part of your story but one. Speaking from experience, more and more furniture companies don't allow their delivery teams to wear booties or remove their shoes.

These guys are carrying pieces that can weigh hundreds of pounds and they need their feet covered, preferably with steel toes, and traction on the bottom. Their safety is more important than anyone's floors.

Granted maybe not the team you had, but in general. I know a guy that was wearing booties and slipped on someone's wet marble floor and he lost the ability to work and nearly lost the ability to walk.

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