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When I called bobs goof proof they ,they said they couldn't cover the accidental damage,because I didn't know the exact cause.I have a crushed plug that seems to have become entangled in the recliner mechanism and pulled the heating elements out of place,but I don't know exactly the way it happened ,as I do not live inside,or under my recliner monitoring and filming it!they said it was a munurfacturer defect,and to call bobs,so I did and they say it was an accident and to call goof proof.round and round we go! They sent out a "technician " who ,if anything caused further damage by ripping of the back dust covering scattering staples around the carpet,one of which I later stepped on in my bare feet.ouch,bloody ouch!literally!

Tech at first said "I can't find anything wrong"I said feel the back of the chair,and notice the crushed ac adapter plug?" He then says "yes there is a problem"and the messes up the back of the chair, so as to appear to be doing something ,I suppose. Then,instead of replacing the mangled ac adapter plug.sticks something into to hole to make it roundish again,and crams the two pieces together, and I said "is'nt that a fire hazard",an he laughs and says"probably" I say I am going to call and see about this,and then he suddenly says he needs to use my phone. I asked him did you bring your own? He said no.

But I know he did because he had to call my house from the parking lot because he couldn't find the front door. So I asked him what number he wants me to dial I take the number I put it on speaker phone. And when the call Connects I get a robo voice thanking me for letting them know about the successful completion of the service that has been provided. Total lier tricks into saying service is complete.can these people get any more loathsome?.

I said no I want the corporate number to speak to somebody about what you doing here. You are not fixing anything. He then becomes very agitated and says I'm wasting his time and gathers his stuff to leave. I call Bob's and tell them what has happened and they say that they side with their "technician".

They can do nothing further for me. That it was an accident and to call Bob's Goof Proof. I've called Bob's Goof Proof and they tell me to call Bob's back because it's a manufacturing defect. I have now written to the Massachusetts attorney general.

But I am very interested in any class action lawsuits filed against this company. Since I've already spoken to the person who says she is head of customer relations for Bob's Furniture the name that she gave herself was Courtney Garher. Whoever is running Bob's business is running it like a well-oiled scam machine.

Bob can consider this an open letter to him. Your business is becoming a criminal Enterprise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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