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To whom ever will help me, I am sending you pictures of the way some of the damage happened at my house. This has been on going since beginning of July.

You are not aware of my situation but my husband has Alzheimer’s n dementia n the start of Parkinson’s. This is the only reason we went looking for a couch n chair. One he could us with his hands. The one picture of the boy with the blue hat was the one left the couch laying in my closets door and against the front door and against the storm door.

You can see part of his shoe where he was in the closet. The picture of the man with the orange shirt is my husband Ray going to help the other man get it back in the house. He had just gotten out of the hospital the week before and should not of had to do this at all. This is just a few pictures I have.

I have done everything your people have ask me to do now we are in to 3 months. What’s the hold up now. They just don’t care, they don’t like us, they don’t have the money or the time to fix the damage?? What??

I thought I would get a call to me back on Tuesday October 8, 2019. Being I called customer service n they connected me to a person that I have talk to several times. I understand your people are busy but trust me I am too. Dealing my daily life isn’t easy.

Now that they are not making the living room set that we chose we finally were told to come pick out another one. Little did I know that would be a embarrassment to me. Finally a hour latter I was told they gave us credit n I v could chose another set. But of course there was nothing there that my husband could use except one.

But of course it cost me $600. Dollars more. I know this is nothing to you but it is a lot to me All I want is for you to ask Bob PLEASE to fix my house back, give me BACK ALL MY money and I will go somewhere else. I could go to odd lots and not have this kind of problems.

Ask Bob to call me cone see me. I see now no one can afford to shop at Bobs discount furniture. I do not see and have not saw any discounts. I had to give more money to replace a couch and chair that my husband picked out.

We didn’t know we would have all these problems. I am being out my time and my sanity trying to keep my husband Ray calm with this situation and his disease. He argues and get upset about this everyday. And my nerves are not the best.

He can’t open the storm door and he gets upset. He looks at the damage he gets upset. I know that is part of the disease is being upset. But we cannot use the front door to go sit on our porch.

He likes to sit on our porch and drink his coffee. We go out there and sit and he is calm for a while He gets upset because he has to use our backdoor and where he shakes a lot he spills the coffee on his clothes. I know I can pack it but I don’t want to take away all his normal stuff he used to be able to do well. What is taking them this long to fix this damage?

What is the problem? I am not sure but I think i have been threw me to the back burner. Boy I am just so mad and upset. My husband wanted to go to lazy boy furniture store.

But I said no let’s give Bobs a chance. It’s a new store in our neighborhood. Even with his disease he was smarter than me at that moment. Please tell Bob to call me.

I know his store has the money to fix this damage and give me back all of my money. Please help me get this resolved 3 months is a long time

Melissa Collins


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