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The shipping service is terrible all Bobs care about is getting your money and then they couldn't care less. I ordered a mattress and couch for my new apartment.

So i went like a good consumer to the store to test out the furniture that i wanted for my new apartment in Boston. I went in sat on all the couches to see which one i thought was the best/ most comfortable as well as to see what sort of mattresses i wanted, since i knew that they had memory foam ones. I made my selection a 9'in foam mattress, queen and the Miranda 92' couch. I went home and ordered online because i didn't want it right that moment since i wasn't moving in for a couple of more days and i was moving states.

So i paid online that night and i got a call later on who asked when i wanted it delivered, first i said Monday but apparently for no reason what so ever Bobs doesn't deliver on Mondays so i said well can i do Tuesday? wait that is New Years Eve but the rep said that was fine and told me 24 hours before i will get a call and they will give me a time frame. So i went on with my life thinking o me and my roommate are all set i have a bed and we have a couch. So the 30 comes around and no call from Bobs so about 6 p.m i give them a call to ask for my time frame.

They inform me that though i have paid for my order it didn't get placed for a time. I tell them about the call i got and even i after i speak to a manager there is nothing that they can do for me. They said that they could do it for Thursday however that is my first day of work and Bobs does not deliver after 5 (tech the deliver from 6-6 but you have to be there for three hours which i couldn't since like most of you i work from 9-5). So i'm like i can't do that please come Saturday since i don't have work.

So they are like fine Saturday we will call 24 hours before to give you time frame 10-1, and like an *** i believed them. so Saturday rolls around, and as you may know there was a storm on Friday, but when Saturday comes around the streets are fine and i wake up waiting for a call from the movers. I would like to take this moment to point out that i didn't have mattresses for a week because of this instead of only a day including for New Year eve, New Years day and my first two days of work. So Saturday no one comes its 2 p.m and i call and ask what is up?

They explain that because of the snow there is a delay but it will come today but now my time is 6-9, and i thought they didn't do after 6. So fine i wait and it comes at like 8, perfect (by the way that tracking thing didn't work so i had no idea it was coming late) so the guys call and i come down to let them in they bring everything off the truck and move it in (this is important because it will create problems i think later). So i show the guy where to bring it, now normally not a problem but it becomes one these guys don't really speak English very well which i wasn't for seeing as a problem. So they try to move the couch up the stairs, i live on like the third floor, and it doesn't fit the way they try and move it in.

Now these guys are kinda of in the hurry because i am not the last person they are going to. So they in broken English are like it not going to fit couch is to large. I ask if they want to try bringing it out a little and turning it up the stairs that way and they don't really understand what i am talking about and keep saying that it is a big couch. Now this had been happening in the entrance to my building which is i grant kinda small but they had left my matteress in there as well which i think was part of the reason.

Either way they say they will take it back and i can get a slightly smaller one instead. Fine atleast i have a bed, which by they way i really like and im glad i got even though Bobs is terrible. So they take it back and i call them the next day and i get a really helpful person who is like ok let me get someone from the store, everything will be fine. I get someone form the store and they are really great and are like ya we can do this, once again i tell them that i can't receive it till Saturday because of work.

The next day i get a phone call asking me about the return i was doing and i told them that i had talked to the manager at the store and that i hadn't actually gotten the couch since it wouldn't fit. She told me that according to them I got the couch and that i was returning it and that it technically wasn't returned until they had it back and that i couldn't order a new one till then. I told her that i never got it which took some time for her to understand and was like well we will call you when it comes back. So yesterday about 3 days later i get an automated call saying that my couch will be coming on Saturday, thank God it is finally coming.

So the next day i get seven automated calls ,mostly during work so i don't pick up, it is now Thursday, so i call back to see what is up and to ask for my time. They tell me the time and say that my love seat will be here on Saturday. I'm like love seat i ordered a couch, the operator was like well let me look, after some time it turns out there is no 82 in version of the couch that i wanted, that would make it 10 less the first one i ordered so it will fit, the guy at the store was incorrect. So they transfer me to the store to find a new couch.

So after finally looking through and finding another appropriate sized couch, they tell me they can't change my order till tomorrow and that i can't get on Saturday. Since they don't deliver after 5 or on Sunday that means i would have to wait another week to get it.

So that is it i want my money back, which i now find out i have to call in to get because they can't just put back on your card. So in conclusion save yourself some time and money and go local or someone else because Bobs is the worst.

  • Worst delivary service
  • Bad Costumer Support
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