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was in the market for a new reclining couch and really liked the Bobs Gladiator couch......had all the things I was looking for and was prepared to buy even though I was concerned about all the negative things I have read about Bobs service AFTER they sell you something. The sales person on the initial visit of course used all the typical "Salesy" rhetoric and rebuttals I was expecting and when you know that is happening it can be a little insulting but whatever.

Bobs has a bad reputation....it is what it is.....own it don't try and say it doesn't exist

I of course did try to negotiate some things on the sales price or warranty....if you dont try your crazy with the massive mark up on furniture and the sales person was unwilling to even engage even though he knew I had already gotten a better deal at his competition....he told me i should "just go for the better deal"......ok fine

but the MAIN thing that drove me away and to their main competition in the Wilkes Barre Pa area was "the final straw" for me

when you talk to them they tell you that you have the option to have the furniture delivered for $130.00......ok most furniture stores have delivery options obviously....no problem

the Day i was buying my new couch i decided to buy the one at Bobs......but i decided to save myself the 130 bucks and borrow my friends pickup and just go get it myself.....I called Bobs to make sure they had it in stock before I drove up there and Low and Behold they inform me they are a "Display Store" only and do not carry stock at their location and if I wanted to pick up the piece I had to drive 2.5 - 3 hours away into New Jersey or Maryland.

they are selling furniture at a price they brag about being "so low" ....then telling you you have the option to have it delivered for 130 bucks,.........but in fact you really DONT have an option.....unless you want to drive 3 hours one way you HAVE to have it delivered.....you HAVE to pay 130 bucks

why dont they just increase the freaking price 130 bucks and say "Free Shipping!!!"

Sorry but that was the final straw for me.....thats just underhanded business practices. I took my wad of cash 5 minutes away and found a couch at Raymour and Flanigan that was equally nice....had what I wanted and got it DELIVERED for 200 bucks LESS then at Bobs

I would never ever walk in a Bobs again

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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