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Last night I went to the Bob's Discount Furniture in Aurora IL to look at bedroom furniture. I usually expect at least 1 sales person to greet me when I walk into a furniture store, but not 1 salesperson greeted me in that dept.

There were at least 3 salesmen in the dept, 2 of them were fussing over a chair that they were moving around as I strolled by glancing at the furniture. I was in no hurry so it wasn't like they couldn't catch me afterwards, ya know? I was stopping at the furniture, looking in the drawers, etc. The third salesman, granted, was with a customer, so I'll give them that.

But seriously, NOT ONE PERSON came up to me and I was there for at least 20-25 minutes. A sales lady said 'hi' to me on my way to the bathroom, that was it. BTW, my husband had gone to the same store that morning - and was greeted by 2 salespeople! They even mentioned the candy and ice cream corner to him!

They asked him questions, answered his questions, etc. I'm disappointed to say the least. Maybe these salesmen didn't see a husband with me, so they thought 'why bother'. I don't know but it's not a good start to this particular store since they just opened.

I left and went down to the Art Van store on Rte. 59 and was greeted almost immediately, got a hand shake, eye contact, and asked all the questions I expected. Oh, and the quality of Bob's Furniture? ***.

Just by looking at the drawers and the finish, go down to Art Van.

The prices aren't that much more and the quality, much better. Just FYI!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Customer service.

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I bought from Bob's years ago and the furnature literally came apart withing days. The drawers were card board and pressed wood that loosened up with every lucked out that they ignored you


Not that in defending Bob's Furniture but... your post is dated February 5th.

The store just opened February 11th. How is that even possible...discredits your review in my opinion...