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March 8th, 2016. We bought a Braxton 72" Sofa one year ago, I was convinced by them to by the goof proof + protection plan, they said it would cover factory plus accidental damages. Suddenly one of the arms material just broke, I was just resting my arm over the left sofa's arm as you normally do when standing up or sitting down in a sofa. I am not a heavy person nor I pressed hard or push it with my body weight, it just broke internally and you could see the shape of the remaining hole through the synthetic leather. I went to a store (Natick, MA) to explain to a customer representative what happened, he told me that may be a manufacturing defect and he helped me to schedule a repair visit by a technician.

The technician came after 2 weeks and he opened the sofa from the bottom, he found the hole in the left arm in the sofa, in what is supposed to be hard material he showed me the broken stuff. The material they use in the arms looks like wood but it is so thin that it looks more like paper, he gave me the reminders of the broken parts and I was able to break it with my fingers without putting effort. Other thing I noticed is that this material when broken, forms very sharp needles that hurt one of my fingers when touched it.

Even looking at that, the technician said it was not a manufacturing problem that it was because of me pressing it. His solution was to put some foam over the hole, the arm now looks bulky and ugly in that part. I told him I was not happy with the solution and he said that is what the only thing he could do. He put me in phone with a lady called Jackie, she refused to give her last name even that I asked her for that she said they are not allowed to give that information (I suppose she is the only Jackie in the company and if I ever need to refer that call they would know which Jackie I am talking about). She said that they could not replace my sofa and they could do nothing else to repair it, I spend like an hour trying to understand what is covered by the extra warranty that costed me 50 dls. She kept saying manufacture and accidental damage without giving a solid description of it. She finally asked me to call other phone for accidental damage.

I called the other number and very similar thing happened, she said there was nothing they could do, I ask her what would be an example of a damage on the arm that my Goof Proof+ extended warranty would cover. She said something like: "If your sofa is sitting there without anyone sitting on it and the arm just breaks, then that is covered". That was the most hilarious thing I ever heard from customer service representative. I told her that I was not interested on technical discussions on what they consider an accident or manufacture issue, I just wanted a solution for getting my sofa replaced or credit to buy a new one (which I would prefer as I don't trust that sofa model anymore). Then the call just dropped, I don't know if she hanged up or what happened, after that I kept calling for an hour to the 1800 number and they never picked the call up.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $399.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bobs Discount Furniture Pros: Price.

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Goof proof extended warranty, Quality, Customer service.

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