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So We made a mistake of buying a Sofa at Bob's furniture.We bought it a week a go and it was delivered yesterday.First of all their delivery service yesterday was horrible, made both me and my husband very angry- but that's a whole different story.

We received the sofa, and:Its not the color that was in the store, its not comfortable as it was in the store- not soft at all!The depth of the sit is different (we measured it when we were in the store) and the quality is very bad- the stitches are not straight, overall- It looks bad and its definitely not what we tried in the store.

So we decided to return it.The problem is that they are willing to give us only a store credit and not refund- WE WILL NEVER WANT TO BUY THERE- so we have nothing that we can do with their store credit.The agreement with them says that once it was delivered they cannot give money back- we were very fast in our decision to return it, we decided on the same day, and we are not using it- it is not comfortable and ugly!We are using our old sofa- and they didnt do their side of the contract of delivering to us what we saw and liked!

Anyway, no matter how i tried their customer care was not willing to give us money back.

Does anyone has any idea how can we get rid of Bob's store credit- can we sell it, so far i didnt find anything online.

Our other option is to sell it on Craig's list- but we will get maybe $400 for it :(

I wish I read the reviews sooner and stay away from them!!!

Monetary Loss: $961.

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