Yonkers, New York

Do not buy from Bob's Furniture! They have terrible customer service and poor quality furniture.

We bought Bob's Montibello Dining set just three months ago. We used it once for a dinner party and put a water pitcher and drinks on the dining table like any normal person would do when having dinner. This left three large rings on the table that do not come out. We tried everything to get it out.

Bobs Customer service responded that material is porous, that we should of not put a water pitcher on table and they can't do anything about it!! Can you believe this?! Don't put drinks on a diningroom table?! Are you kidding?!' With tax we paid $1000 for a table we can't put drinks on.


Beware! Don't buy from Bobs furniture!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

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The same thing just happen to us. We bought the same table set and we now have stains on it from water.

Food dropping on it, leaves stains as well. They told us it's not covered. I explained to them that people put food on these tables and drink, that food is expected to drop alittle.

We are ready to return the set. Very upset, that the table is NOT sealed like our granite counter tops


Hello. I bought the montabello tabel also one week ago.

I used it one time and have rings all over it. White rimgs and dark rings. How come this is happening to the stone tabel and how can i get the rings out. I used water, spray cleaner and even rubes it realy hard.

Wjat shouls we do. Thanks.


Nobody told you that water condensation leaves rings on wood? Obviously you didn't try EVERYTHING because eventually you would have found that things like petroleum jelly, toothpaste and even baking soda remove water rings from wood.


Who doesn't use a coaster? Have you ever had wooden furniture before?


You can't put anything that will leave condensation on wood or marble tables. That's why they make coasters, it's common sense.


Got nothing to lose now ... I've heard that rubbing mayonnaise into furniture rings takes them out; I haven't tried it, though.....

Bob Cares

I'm sorry to hear about your table. I'd be happy to see what I can do to help.

Please send your order info to BobCares@MyBobs.com. Thanks, Eric.

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