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I worked for bobs discount furniture as a deliveryman out of the taftville CT warehouse. I worked there back in 2005-2007 prior to bob selling the company off.

Delivering furniture, particularly in the new england area is tough because many of the buildings are 1950's era construction or older. What this means is that prior to 1900 you would find larger doorways, higher ceiling rooms, plaster walls, stick insulation, etc etc. 1900 and up, your going to find narrower door ways, lower ceilings, etc etc. I can attest as a deliveryman that the last thing we ever wanted was for furniture to be damaged and as far as I can say I took extra precautions delivering pieces.

Many of the pieces that were damaged, came damaged in the wrapping. IE: Rips in sofas, discolorations, dents in wood surface areas. My biggest gripe as a delivery man was the cam housings in the furniture and the hardware used to assemble the furniture itself. Many of the internal cam housings are not seated properly and fall out.

As many of you know, or if you've ever watched a bobs delivery guy they keep alan bits and use them in a drill to assemble the furniture quickly. Part of the problem is using a drill, if the deliveryman has it set to hi torc on a hi resistance level, the hardware will obliterate the cam housing in a piece. For the most part, Bob's Furniture is the same as it's competitors. The only difference internally or externally is the price and a tag change in most situations.

Usually the cheaper livingroom sets, some recliners, sleeper sofas, are more or less the same. All of those come from the same manufacturer, no matter what brand your buying. Hands down, the pine set of childrens furniture is the worst. Don't buy it, I delivered many of these and everysingle one was broken or broke during set up during the delivery.

You can actually dig into the wood with your fingernail, its pretty bad. The marble looking aspects of their furniture are cultured marble and will easily blemish if your using acidic cleaners, degreasers etc. A lot of the solid wood furniture they have IE the valencia sets are actually hollow filled with foam and about a quarter to 3/8 inch solid wood (Bed posts on the headboard footboard) the dressers are pretty solid but then once again alot of the internal hardware holding the drawer placements are terrible, usually are either loose or have been tightened to much and have cracked the support piece leading up to its imminent failure. During my time at bobs, we delivered to some places 4-5 times to get it right.

I got the impression that they cared, and for the most part they did. Bobs was even a really good place to work, I've met bob on 2 occasions in which he shook my hand and shared a short conversation. He is literally 1inch taller then a midget. They gave away free turkeys for thanksgiving, christmas presents, floating day off for your birthday, you could even get a small loan from Bobs, a 1 week advance on your pay check payed back by 10% off of every check incase your car broke down or for whatever.

When bob sold the company though, a lot of that changed. Policys changed, and the level of customer service imo really went downhill. Insurance went up, in house benefits diminished. A lot of the veteran workers in the warehouse were terminated, and in came the labor ready temps.

When this happened, almost every piece was messed up in some way, the trucks were packed backwards (Last stop of the day was at the front of the truck). You could tell the furniture was being mishandled because the corners on the cardboard boxs were crushed, leading to crushed corners. The plastic wraps on the couchs and chairs wern't being brushed and were leaving a grayish type of slick on the packaging that would ultimatly get on our hands and then to the couch leaving dirty fingerprints and smudges.

If you didn't wear gloves, you'd notice it, but if you wore gloves you wouldn't. All in all, bobs furniture used to be good, now not so much

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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