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My husband and i decided to give Bobs Discount Furniture a try and purchased the Jamestown bedroom set for $2300. BIG MISTAKE!

HUGE MISTAKE!!! After 1 month of using the bed, the slates that hold up the box spring broke. Not only did it break, but it all 4 snapped in half down the middle. Did i mention it was only ONE MONTH!!!

Customer Service? A big joke. Shouldn't even be called that. Maybe an answering serivce to tell you "TOO BAD, someone will be in touch with you soon." I waited 4 days, and no call from Bobs.

Don't fall into this scam to save a couple of dollars, the aggrevation and time consumption is not worth it. DO NOT BUY FROM BOBS!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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We had a bed frame delivered on Thursday and on Saturday night, just 3 days later, the bed broke while my husband and I were in it sleeping!!! We called the store on Sunday morning only to be told to call customer care on Monday with no suggestions from the store to immediately address the problems of broken furniture not to mention the lack of sleeping arrangements.

I will in fact call customer care in addition to calling my lawyer. I don't understand how a company can sell merchandise which is unsafe. I sustained a back injury back in October from a car accident and now my back is reinjured thanks to the inferior bed frame collapsing. I need someone to address this issue immediately or I will have litle recourse but to seek litigation.

This bed needs to be repaired or replaced and in a timely fashion.

I expect equally fast service as in the same speed in which my husband and I paid for this bed! terrible terrible store!


One Month? You're lucky!!

Mine lasted 6 DAYS!!!! Bought the Camden bed ($299) January 16. 6 days after assembling, all three slats SNAPPED, entire bed collapsed, footboard splitered, almost killed my cat who was sleeping under the bed at the time. It's been a week spleeping on the FLOOR!!

STILL WAITING for a technitian to come and "assess the damage". Really? A technitian? To deterine that the bed is a piece of *** held together by partical board and shoddy workmanship?


Never, never, NEVER again. JOKE!!!

Bob Cares

Hi Jennyoo,

I'm so sorry to hear about your bed. I'd certainly like to make this right for you.

Please contact me at with your order information so that I may access your account. Thanks, Eric