Providence, Rhode Island

Last year I purchased a bunk bed set from Bob's for my 2 young sons. This particular set had stairs on the side and draws on the bottom, it looked perfect for my boys- well looks can be VERY deciving.

After a few weeks I started to notice bites on my 5 year old, the last thing I thought is that there were bed bugs. I thought it might have been misquito bites boy was I wrong. a few months pasted and the warm weather was gone, but my little guy kept getting bites. I checked his room, the floors, and the matress and saw nothing.

As time went on, my son still kept getting bites and finally I found them!!!!!! How discusting they were coming from the wood in the frame of the bunk beds. I learned that the first time I checked the bugs were so small that i wouldn't of been able to see them.

I since have had my apartment treated what a nightmare.

I took time off of work to gather every item in my home that could have been infected and that's not as easy as it sounds every sheet, towel, tablecloth, curtains, and clothes to the laundy mat and wash them on hot water and dry them on high for 60 minutes. Almost $200 later ( on laundry alone)and bags of ruined clothing (from the hot dryer), stress, time out of work, and having to buy a new bed, pillows, mattress ext.. the worst part is that I called Bob's to inform them of my problem as it is their problem too if they are delivering bugs to consumers' homes.

Not only did they tell me there is nothing they could do but they were also very rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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So tired of seeing these small white/beige wwasp looking buds on my bed and recliner I got from Bob's furniture. And I always see black and some red stuff on the top of the bed proof thing I spent 500 dollars on.

The red things look like particles but, they're constantly there.

I tbi k they're little microscopic bugs. I've been getting bitten on my recliner since I've bought it!.please put me I the class action lawsuit.


Just purchased a bed frame and some wooden furniture. The bed frame had bed bugs growing out of it 1.5-2 months later.

Saw some brown goopy spap in the lining of the bed frame, as I was dusting the wooden exterior portion. Two dam while bugs popped out like hello! This is insane! I called cooperate and they ensure all merchandise is sprayed but can not provide me dates as to when?!

They want me to write cooperate to get that information!

This can not be the sole reason they won’t accept my claim. Please tee me how I should proceed.


I'm going through the same thing, bought mines the end if mat, never slept in in yet. Because I had neck surgery, so I sleep on my recliner which seems like something biting me.

I sent he same kind of bug with my wooden bed set. And had the nerve to spend seven hundred dollars on the mattress cove and for the pillows. I see the same bug you describe and some small little red dot bugs. I'm *** disgusted.

Spent almost 10,000 dollars on a whole living space for my apartment.

I so regret it. And something has to give!


I purchased a bedroom set in January 2019 and it came with bedbugs. I had no ideal what was biting me until I put on light colored sheets and saw blood spots on my sheets and pillow cases.

This is insane!

Not only was the furniture damaged and I had to return three pieces. I want to join in on the class action lawsuit!


Bought a sofa June 2018 and there’s bed bugs in it as well


Bought a sofa June 9th 2018 and it came with unwanted house guests....BEDBUGS!! We called exterminator and he said it was contained and definitely started in the sofa.

It’s disgusting!

Wish I could show a picture of it! Go Bobs!


Where did u buy your sofa.. I just purchased one this past month and I have been get tinting bit by something every since. I was thinking maybe mosquitos but my guest have complained of being bit as well.


The same thing happened to me in november spent 2 months treating it started in the kids room from the bunk it was a nightmare never again buying from bobs


Yes! Apparently that’s the same bunk beds I got for my girls and their going through the same thing too, we are unfortunately going through treatment for bedbugs, it’s a complete nightmare. I did notice the black spots when they first deliver the furniture, but I didn’t think any of it, help what can I do?


I see small black spots on my bed and red tiny micro spit, that look like particles constantly on my brand new bed. And tiny white beige look wasp on my bed.


And you waited for what sounds like almost a year to complain. By rights you should have been getting bitten too, because your kids would be getting them on their clothing, etc. and therefore, dragging the bugs to other parts of the house.


Probably someone who works at Bobs, trying to cover up their HUGE history of having nasty bed bugs. Everyone knows that Bob's is a bed bug zone.

I would never shop there. Gross. Their warehouse is nasty.

Hope they get slammed with these lawsuits. To OP, glad you and your family are well now.