Hartford, Connecticut

I purchased an 6 piecce Roberta dining table set in March 2009. Not a good 6mths and the chairs are breaking and i have to contiue to screw the chairs together because they loosen up every other week...

I knew Bob's furniture was garbage from when i bought an Bedroom set and the draws would fall apart then the headboard fallen apart, But since it was the dining set would give them a chance once again BoB have failed me, again.....

I will never purchased anything from the The Junk yard, again.. This is the reason they begged you to get the Goof Proof protection because they know that hte furniture is no good at all....

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $656.

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Bob is true to his name the Junkman.


I have the same problem with this chairs. Made in Vietnam garbage!!!

They came apart the first time I used this chairs!!! $500.00 in the garbage!!!


ok so they get their staff to read and sign in?

The stuff is ***...we should all know that!


Hello Consumers:

Don't complain about the Quality of products you purchase at Bob's. Most if not all of their inventory, comes from CHINA ! So don't complain after you get it home and find out it does not HOLD up over time.

You get what you pay for............


American girl maybe you should PROOFREAD your comments before you send them - since proofread is one word...not two. That gave me a good laugh.

Thanks. :grin


If you had a bad experience, why didn't you get a Goof-proof thing the second time?

Thanks for the laugh.

Tommy: Heh. Butt-hurt.

And Girl: Show your ***.


Are you serious "American Girl"? That is all you got from reading her complaint, that she must not have English as her first language? You must work for Bob's customer service then.


You should proof read your comments before you send them. I assume English is not your first language.