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I spent alot of money on a new sectional and bedroom set for my new home. I also fell into the Goof proof trap and for 100.00 more my sectional would be protected well lets say after 10 phone calls to gaurdsman I was not protected.

Lets just say I got ripped off and now the sectional lives at the dump and it wasn't even a year old....I tried writing to Bob and emailing but got the run around of course.

I will not shop there again...nothing but junk. Bob sure didn't make me happy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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there are no miracles, you cannot get a good sofa for 999.99. Its simply a Chinese piece of ***, Bob peddles a lot of cheep Chinese ***, China=bad quality, if you want good furniture you need to buy Ittalian or German but it costs 10000 and up, so for 999 or 2500 you will simply get junk



You just wrote that you agree the insurance company for the goof proof is not a good company, yet you and Bobs still deal with the comapny and sell policies?? Shameful.


I disagree - I got no info from the salesman except that they will cover any stain - even a burn or a tear. I got no terms of contract when I purchased the furniture regarding what was covered and what was not.

It is supposed to be for accidents, funny how they always have an excuse not to cover you. If my medical insurance was like this, I would be in BIG debt! Don't waste your money - it is a rip off.

And don't try to contact Bob like he advertises, you could find the president of Sealy or Simmons easier. Misleading sales pitch - they don't give you all the info - cheap furniture and a worthless warranty


Actually Jim, my analogy is exactly spot-on. Dealerships quite often facilitate the purchase of an insurance policy for the customer when they purchase a new vehicle. (And that should be common knowledge, but I can assure you of this, as this just occurred when I bought a new car about 4 weeks ago).

Bob's does the exact same thing, we put the insurance policy out there for customers who want some level of protection beyong a manufacturers warranty. And, the whole reason Bob's begand offering this type of policy, is because angry customers would HOUND the customer service department when they damaged their own furniture, and the manufacturers warranty was not designed to remedy a situation like that, for obvious reasons.

And by no means will I defend guardsman, I think they are an aweful insurance company, just like most insurance companies. But I am defending the fact that Bob's has nothing to do with their policies, and cannot be responsible for them.

But Rona, what was the cause of the denial by guards? And when was the sectional purchased? Is it possibly a manufacturing issue? If so, it may be covered under their warranty.


I am having a similar problem with Bob's. Their idea of making me ''happy" is a $100 gift certificate after spending $3,500 there and getting 6 weeks of constant aggrivation. What e-mail adress do you have for them?


I wrote that comment, and I stand by craig, Bob's furniture guarenteed me my sectional would be protected and this guardmens company basicly called me a liar and refused to help.I spent over 2500.00 dollars at Bob's and I expected to have my furniture for a long time. Again I'm out a sectional and lots of money. Do you see my bitterness????


Bad analogy Craig. Bob's sold the Insurance Policy, car dealerships don't.

When you sell that kind of protection you gain a profit from the sale of that policy. Much like when a car dealership sells you an extended warranty. So yes, they have every right to be upset with Bob's. Bob's employees facilitated the sale of the Goof Proof insurance so they should receive some brunt of criticism for selling that kind of policy regardless of what's covered.

Rona1202 thought they were buying something that would protect them and it turned out to be a wasted $100 add-on. We don't know the full details of their claim to Guardsman but to say that Bob's bears no blame for partnering with them is not fair.

They made money off the sofa and then off the insurance policy. They offered both in their stores so they are on the hook if one of their customer has a complaint about either.


I am quite sure you are aware of this, but allow me to explain for the ill informed. The Goof Proof you purchased, that is an insurance policy through a company called Guardsman, which protects against customer damage to furniture that the plan is purchased for.

So on that note, if you get into a car accident because you don't know how to drive properly and the insurance company denies your claim for whatever reason they had, do you really run over to the dealership you purchased the car from and make them responsible?

If you do, you need help. This is the same case, you cannot blame Bob's because an insurance company denied your claim for whatever reason they had.

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