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Bob o pedic Mattress stinks I bought it yesterday and the floor model was much thicker than the pieces I recieved I laid on the matteress and it was spoungy with no support.1 nights sleep and I will try to return to store but the crooks probably wont take it back.The sales man were like wolfs fighting over the sale.Warning stay away from the store.I learned! and I will not recommend Bob prints on the folder with the warrantee you will be happy I dont think so Bob O pedic Is junk Junk JUNK! totowa NJ

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Get the bobby o bed cover. You be hitting the tang in da morning and I kno you gotta dirty lady!

Keep the bobby protected and the little lady home at night! Dirty Turd!


I have the bobby o plush king. It's got good stamina .

My lady is curvy( kno what I mean) and she loves to climb aboard and ride that shaft with no stopping till she is good n ready. They its time to get that crank shaft hittin 3500 romp per min , she has the premium top shelf lube never a viscosity break down, Yeah baby never a problem with.

The bobby O breaking down!! Boing boing !


I guess you get what you paid for...hate the bob-o-pedic mattress, cheaply made bedroom furniture and awful finish on the loveseat I've was messed up, got furniture that was canceled and not the new stuff..


So I bought a bed from BOB's just realize one thing going in it's cheap for a reason they came and set up the be head board, Foot board you get the point within two weeks the whole fing frame broke from the sideboards ripped the screws right out called them because there's a one year warranty and was told it would take them 2 weeks just to come see the damage and then it could take up to 8 weeks to get the parts and fix it meanwhile me and my girl our sleeping on the floor and the people at BOB's go sorry. Get the F outta here. Be careful when you buy cheap you get cheap....


I've had a Bob o' pedic for about 8 years and much like other posters here, I loved it for most of that 8 years. Lately, I've been having horrible back pain.

I've put on about 25lbs in the last few years and thought maybe that was it, but when I sleep on ANY other surface, the back pain goes away. My doctor said its time for a new matress.

I honestly don't think the memory foam on this mattress quite stacks up to the real-deal tempurpedic brand. Just my personal experience to add to the mix.


After 4 years we are getting rid of this mattress. It safe in the middle and I have finally realized that the lower back pain I have been experiencing for almost a year now is a direct result of this cheap bed.

Please do not waste your money.

This bed is awful! It was "cheap" for a reason


best store ever! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


I purchased a bob o pedic about 4 years ago. It was great at first but now there is actually a sag in the middle of the bed.

The Tech came out (6hrs late) and said there is a manufact defect and we will be recieving a call from someone at Bobs. They called and stated that since there was a small stain on the bed which voided the warrenty but that Protect a bed would cover it. AFter contacting them I was informed that since I didnt report the claim within 5 days they would do nothing for me. Bobs has the worst customer service i have ever dealt with they just basically told me oh well nothing we can do after paying for warrenty and protective cover.

my husband chiroprator said the pinched nerve in has back was partially caused by it. Terrible service and very poor quality


I also bought a bob a pedic matress back on January 2011. In October 2011 I was cleanning my bedroom and I decided to vacuum my matress.

I noticed some black stains underneath the matress. I called Bob's customer service. They sent a technician to my home to check the matress. He took pictures and stated that someone from Bob's will call me to clean and check the matress.

After 20 days waiting for that phone call, I decided to call them. At that time, they gave me a couple of phone numbers of department to call to find out about my claim. I called those numbers and they asked me to call back the Bob's customer service because they did not have any information about my claim. On December 5, 2011 I called back again, they asked me to call the matress protector company to place a claim with them.

The matress protector company stated that they do not cover stains underneath the matress, just at the top. I called Bob's once again and at this time they said that they do not cover mold stains and because of the stains my matress' warranty is void now. How a matress that is in a dry, clean room can have mold stains? My matress had never been in contact with water or any other liquid.

Their technician stated that usually matress on basement can get mold. My room is not on a basement. He also stated that the problem could be at the factory, warehouse or during delivery. I started to believed that he was right.

What happened to my matress, happened before the matress was deliver to my home. Mold is dangerous, especially in a matress you sleep on.

KK you are not the only one with mold on your matress. Thank you Bob,I hope you do not have to sleep in a moldy matress.


I've had my bob o pedic lite for about a year and im already waking up with horrible back pains and I toss and turn at night. I'm getting a different bed from a different store soon.

My last bed I had for close to 8 years.

I've never been so unhappy with a bed. not gonna be recommending bobs beds to anyone


We've had the Cirrus King size firm for over 6 months now. Awesome bed.

From what I hear the firm is the way to go. While there was an odor at first it has long since dissipated. I'm serious, it has changed my wife's and my life as far as not waking up with joint and back pain. The pillows are equally as awesome.

Over all this is the best bed by far I have ever slept on.

I can't imagine how a true Tempur-pedic could be any better. :)


I bought a bob o pedic back in January...Just took the matress pad off that came with it and noticed underneath was a big mold stain.The bed has never been wet..Anyone else have this problem?


memory foam scan then wont honor the defaulted mattress after only 4 years


I absolutely love mine. I have had it for 2 years now, and my child, who sneaks into my bedroom now refuses to sleep on anything other than the Bob-opedic.

One of the best purchases I have made. If you have pains after purchasing one, maybe you need a doctor. I don't think a mattress will cure you, but it sure has helped with my basic aches and pains.

I am not overweight, so I can't vouch for those who weigh a lot and don't find it comfortable. I think maybe getting to a healthy body weight or finding the cause of the pain may be best, but this mattress is awesome.


I have had my bobopedic lite mattress for almost 4 years and if I sleep on any other bed I wake up with an awful back! Ineed it to live! It does great things for my back!!!


I have had mine for a few years now. Its the original model and the chemical smell goes away...dont worry.

Great night sleep that took a bit of getting use to it but now no pains or anything. Having a small issue but I called them to set up a service visit.


bought the bob o pedic and the boxsprings and because of a computer error they only sent the boxspring. NO mattress.

They forgot to put it on the truck. when i called the 800 number I got nowhere, called the store manager, he wouldn't evn speak to me, called the sales rep and he said he would fix the problem and get back to me. I'm still waiting........... next i'm going to call teh credit card co.

Horrible customer service. Now i see why they don't discunt the furniture if they gave everyone who had a problem a discount they wouldn't be in business.

too many problems and unhappy customers As i write this they called to tellme they are delivering on Saturday. We'll see.


I bought a Bob-O-Pedic at their store in Nanuet, NY. After a couple of months, the top layer started separating from the rest of the bed.

I contacted their customer service and they scheduled an appointment for an independent firm to come out and inspect the mattress. No one ever showed up. I called again and they made a second appointment and no one showed again. This time, I sent an Email and they scheduled a third appointment.

This time the rep came. He took one look at the bed and said, "this is not good." He said the bed had to be replaced and someone would call me today to schedule the deliver. No one every called. So, I called my credit card company, and even thought the purchase was four months ago.

The opened a case and said they will charge them back. I also learned the Bob-O-Pedic bed, at least when I bought it, was made in China.


I hate my Bob O Pedic. I am up all night with back pain.

I wish I would have spent the money for the real thing. I put a 3" foam on top of it and it still isn't comfortable.

Stay away from this piece of ***. I contacted Bob to complain and got no response.


We have one an love it !!

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