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Bob o pedic Mattress stinks I bought it yesterday and the floor model was much thicker than the pieces I recieved I laid on the matteress and it was spoungy with no support.1 nights sleep and I will try to return to store but the crooks probably wont take it back.The sales man were like wolfs fighting over the sale.Warning stay away from the store.I learned! and I will not recommend Bob prints on the folder with the warrantee you will be happy I dont think so Bob O pedic Is junk Junk JUNK! totowa NJ

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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i just bought the bob a pedic lite for my daughter. I took a nap in it and woke up with terrible back aches (Which I have never experienced before) I Called Bob's customer service & I got the same song & dance tht I must keep it for 30 days so it can brake in.

Then if I do not like it I have to pay for them to come pick it up.

The Bob a pedic lite feels very hard but the one in the show room was super soft, sunk right into it. I am starting to feel like I was scammed!


Common Sense:

Ok, Put simply, IF there was a product made by ANYONE that was way less money than tempurpedic and was ACTUALLY the same quality, why is tempurpedic still in buisness? You get what you pay for people. Don't expect to pay half the price and get the same quality, it just doesnt exist!


if u have a tempurpedic u got ripped, memory foam is everywhere for half the price


Have the Bob O Pedic and LOVE it, I would not sleep on anything else. Just purchased the Bob O Pedic Lite for my son. It is all a matter of personal choice and personal comfort likes or dislikes not a matter of cheap or not!


I got the firm bob-o-pedic and couldnt be happier. I needed a firm bed for my back and it does the job just great. I havent woken up with my back hurting for 4 years and all my friends think its super comfy as well.


No offense but "Bob O Pedic" you get what you pay for. It feels nothing like the Tempurpedic. I am all for saving money but if cost is the only factor go to ebay or costco.....there are comparable mattresses too tempurpedic but nothing can replicate the feeling of a true high density memory foam mattress.


I just tried to get my money back because my mattress is sinking after 8 months. It's made by Dormia and their reputation is horrible.

Is Bob o pedic the same company as Dormia or does Dormia make their mattresses? Dormia declared Chapter 11!


I have a read a number of these reveiws and somehow "Craig" always has an excuse or snide remark about Bob's product complaints.. I would like to know if he works for them or is compensated by them.

There is something called "Customer Satisfaction". The majority of the customers just want what they believe they were promised. If they are not satisfied than they (you) are probably not doing their job properly. They don't seem to be looking to make a buck from these situations.

Craig, you should ask Bob for a raise to make up all these excuses...


Well, would you like my opinion? I will bet that you tried out the Bob-O-Pedic in the store, and then decided to be cheap and purchase the Bob-O-Pedic Lite, expecting the same amount of foam and comfort. I am sorry friend, but the store model Bob-O-Pedic is the exact same model sent to customers homes. It is 7" of inner foam, topped by 3" of visco elastic memory foam. The Bob-O-Pedic Lite is 6" of inner foam, and 2" of visco elastic memory foam, obviously not going to be the same feeling or comfort.

And what's more, how can you call the mattress "JUNK JUNK JUNK" after just receiving it the day of this posting? That is kind of curious. My assumption, there is nothing wrong with the mattress, only your ability spend a couple hundred extra dollars on a regular Bob-O-Pedic.

And to the poster below, a tempurpedic mattress uses the same exact foam as the Bob-O-Pedic does, and has the same foam density and all that. Looks different though, so I guess that is one thing it has.

For the record, I have spoken to hundreds of customers thoroughly satisfied with their Bob-O-Pedic, stating it is the most comfortable mattress they ever had. So, it is a personal preference, you cannot attack a mattress because your back cannot take the softness of it, you know what you are buying.


Lesson learned? The real deal does cost some bucks.

(Tempur-pedic!) Believe it or not, it is worth the price.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something like what you have. It's not the same.


Yea, I feel the same. Just got one, slept on it for a few nights, waking up with horrible back aches (which I've never experienced before).

No support, no nothing. I suppose the mattress is good if you like the feeling of being stuck, or super soft mattresses. I went to return it and was told I can not; I must wait 30 days. Bob claims there is a 30 day "break-in-period" it is not a 30 day refund policy.

Basically the couch is more comfortable, so until those 30 days go by that's where I'm going to be sleeping. It's ridiculous.

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