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We purchased the Bob O Pedic just about 3 years ago and have found that the mattress has become stiffer. It is no longer the plush form fitting mattress that we first purchased. We have had them here 4 times, and each time they've check for sagging and push in on several spots on the mattress to check for it's "bounce back" and have said there is nothing wrong.

We are simply looking to have the mattress replaced (it is guaranteed for 20 years) and are being told that this has never had happened to their mattresses before. We now have to go to the manufacturer (Dormia) to complain. When Bob says "you can't go to Mr. Sealy to complain" and that he "stands behind his product" then why do we now have to go to the actual manufacturer of the mattress and not him?

I would not recommend this product, nor this company to anyone! His commercials tell you to "Come on down", yeah ... Come on down if you want to get a lot of lip service when anything goes wrong with your $1100 (at the time) purchase.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Many plastics become stiffer with age due to oxidation and further cross-linking of the polymer. This is usually accelerated by moisture and heat.

The foam in your mattress may not have been fully cross-linked when it was shipped. There are compression tests that can determine and quantify the compressability of your mattress.

The results should be compared with a newly made mattress of the same type. When all else fails, you can take this data to small claims court.