Newark, New Jersey

we bought a new furniture set from bobs furniture. got the bob o pedic mattress [firm] and it feels extremely nice to sleep on, my only complaint is we can't get the chemical smell out of the foam.

i've aired it out free standing in my bedroom for 2 days with no sheets on the bed with the windows open and it still smells. we have had it now for 9 days now and it still stinks. gives me a headache.

any one have a suggestion? i called customer service and they didn't have any answers other then airing it out

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I bought two King size Bob-Opedic Mattresses. They both had the similar toxic odors.

All 3 of each bedroom windows opened per room. It had been two weeks, the odors are still in those mattresses. Children are sleeping on them, too. it the odor health hazardous?

Please provide comments...

Notice during the day, both mattresses're nude and exposed with exception to bed time only.

Fab-breeze's not helping, because the odor vaporized from within the internal core of the mattresses. And, our noses are contacting the bed cover sheet with a constant inhale...


I bought mine about 1/12 yrs ago. I had noticed the odorand waited 3 or 4 days.

during this period, I sprayed it with fabreeze several times a day.

Flipped it and done the same. Today I have no odor what so ever.

There are several good products available out there...try a good one on your matress...good luck


Try baking soda in bowls around your room for a couple of absorbs smells

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