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I just purchased the Bob O Pedic and after a week the odor is not gone and my wife has already gotten bit by bed bugs. What kind of beds are you guys selling?

The bed comes rolled up and once you take it out of the bag it becomes a bed? When I called Bob's and explained the issue they said that I already had bed bugs somewhere in my house and stated that their beds don't have bed bugs. Are you f******g kidding me??? I explained that my house was just built from ground up only 2 months ago.

The customer service agent didn't want to hear any of my complaints and blew me off. I am done with Bob's and in fact I will go drop off their infested mattress in their newly built location in Carle Place, NY (Nassau County). Let's see what they have to say when I drop it off in their showroom on their busiest day of the season. The entire ordeal to get rid of these bed bugs cost me $1100.00.

I already let all my co-workers and family know never to shop from Bob's. I learned my lesson and therefore I will shop for my new bed from a reputable mattress store like Sleepy's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

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Bought 2 sleeper leather chairs from Bob's and filled with bed bugs.

Customer service ignored my claims and said they have no recourse for us. $2000.00 of furniture down the tubes.


I actually starting to do some research of my own. I have had my mattress for and few years, and I have been SUFFERING with all kinds of pain issues.

I recently spent five days at a cousins home, and actually some of the pain deminished. while I was away my sister slept in my bed and woke up each morning in terrible pain.

If there are others who feel this bed has caused my harm that good please write back.



first, Daniel, all beds are treated. do some research before you blame one person/company.

second, bedbugs in new products?

seriously people?

once again, 5 minutes of research will show you that is improbable...what were the eating to survive??? c'mon, lets all be 1% smarter before we push blame


Thank you all for your comments ... you've just convinced me NOT To look at Bob's for mattresses!

I had heard about the problem with Bed Bugs from others ... but the thought of sickness & smell - not worth saving a few dollars in the long run!

@sue M

a bob-o-pedic comes rolled up in AIR TIGHT SEALED plastic. The mattress is ROLLED UP and condensed into a small little package.

When you remove the plastic the air enters the foam and it grows into a full size bed.

Please, please, explain to me how bed bugs can live in an air tight seal? :?

@are you ***?

Ok I'm getting freaked out because I have already had to switch my mattress twice one due to them delivering the wrong mattress and the second due to damage product. When I got the first one it was picked up by myself and my boyfriend and yes that Was air tight and rolled up in plastic wrap and a box.

When they came and delivered the right mattress it was only folded in half in plastic wrap, not air tight and no box. That one was damaged on the corners so again they come and swap out the mattress and that one is Not air tight but totally straight and formed but no box, not rolled and only in plastic. So now I want to know if I'm getting used mattresses that people didn't want and if this is the problem with people getting bed bugs from them? Also the second mattress felt like a cloud to me and I loved it but the third that supposedly is the same mattress is so much harder than the second???

What is with that?

Not only am I pissed off but totally freaked out after reading so many complaints obout bed. Definitely something isn't right and very sketchy.


What do you expect when their furniture is cheaper because it comes from overseas. They contract out the delivery trucks.

Used mattresses are transported enroute along with brand new mattresses and furniture. The Connecticut warehouse workers loading the furniture don't bother to check for defective or broken merchandise.

You have 0% quality assurance/control, so when your furniture is delivered, you have a 50/50 chance of defective merchandise. Buyer beware - cheaper is not always better.


I don't believe the bed bug stories. Either the people above are a bunch of dirty pigs or they are flat out liers.

I am thinking og getting a bob o pedic as a friend said it was a great bed. Cmon people use your brain when reading the above!


If they transport old mattress returns with new mattresses and their not careful and a mattress isn't air tight than yes you can get them with your merchandise, which they do. Also what if you think it's a new mattress but it really isn't?

Yup again you can get bed bugs.

I've had one picked up and two delivered due to incorrect item received and everyone was packaged different even though the last two that were the same mattress delivered by Bob's. Now that seems sketchy so I'm demanding answers in the morning when they open.


i bought a bob-o-pedic adjustable matress about a year ago and since then i got really sick, spent thousands at doctors missed year of school had to pay for tutors and never could figure out wat it was i just found out it was the bed it is made with polyurathane which is made from petroleum and is filled with chemical retardents because the foam is so flamable that it needs to b to fufill the laws that it burns for more than 30 minutes. so i paid thousands to poisin myself and almost die and i want to know if i can sue them for this or what because thats is messed up


Hello everyone, I have joined the Bobs Discount Furniture bed bug broken dream team. I am typing out all of your stories to present my case to the Bobs Discount furniture staff and possibly a court of law if necessary; using your stories as evidence that this is an on going problem. On March 6, 2011, I purchased a sofa and love seat from Bobs Discount Furniture in Natick MA. These products did not arrive until April 1, 2011. It recently came to our attention that the couch was loaded with bed bugs. We hired an exterminator to come *** the situation and his professional opinion was that the bed bugs were only located in the couches and no where else throughout the house. Also, based on the evolution and size of the bed bugs that it is very likely the bed bugs came with the furniture. Not only am I going to pursue this issue to its fullest extent, I am also going to try and get the Massachusetts Health Department involved. If this is an ongoing problem, then why is Bobs Discount Furniture allowed to continue to sell furniture that destroys the lives of it consumers? I am asking for some light contact information from all of you so that if some officials need to contact you they can. If you are willing to assist could you please email your first name and email address to This would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You



I have a Bob O medic and love it! As far as bed bugs go there isn't a way for them to breed in this type of mattress.

They can live in furniture and picture frames as well as lay dormant quite a long time without feeding. I never heard of a bob o pedic being rolled up and wrapped like that. The smell should go away and I don't recall it being that bad. All my friends have one as well and are pleased with it.

Sorry you had a bad experience with them I have used Bobs many times. Delivery guys great and right on time.

Product was good quality and no problems. Maybe different states.


As an entomologist I can state with a high degree of certainty that the bedbugs probably did not come in with the mattress or truck. Bedbugs need food and neither the new mattress or the truck have any. As a moderately savvy consumer, it seems that the original "complaint" appears to be from a competitor or a disgruntled employee.


Bed bugs are probably from the old beds picked up when they drop off the new ones. There is nothing for bed bugs to eat in a newly manufactured mattress,


I was interested in purchasing a sleeper from Bob's, but after reading these reviews on the bed bugs situation I will not even step into the store!


Well, I love Sleepy's (and my husband works there) but I gotta tell you that ALL memory foam mattresses (including that REALLY expensive one) need extensive airing. And as for bed bugs....that could happen to any store.


holy cow...good to know, was just about to purchase a bob-o-pedic 8 for my 10-year-old! I understand it may be the delivery trucks, but I am so turned off by the fact that bob's treats their customers so appallingly that now I won't do business with them at all, period. Disgusting all around.


Another Mattress purchase from BOB'S Store

Bed Bugs Included !


OH Happy Day's

My son purchased a BOB"O"Pedic and ended up with Bed Bugs, the only thing introduced into the home was this mattress and no other room in the home has an issue with bed bugs, but the rash and the facts speak loud and clear!


I was checking out the reviews on the Bobs mattresses. That bed bug story is gross.

I think, since they take other peoples old mattresses, they must be in the trucks. In hotels, it takes no time at all for them to hide in your clothes or baggage, so there is a big chance of them hitching a ride on your new mattress before entering your home. Bob should check into this problem.

Keep bugging him about it. :0)


Like everyone else posting on this topic I had no BED BUGS until the delivery from Bob's Discount Furniture. Within a few days we were getting the welts.

The statstics are thought provoking. Why are so many people reportign they had no bugs UNTIL the delivery from Bob's Furniture?

If Bob's Furnture cared they would investigate.

One theory has it that because they pick up old mattressess the little bastards are hitchhiking on the delivery guys. Could be adults, could be eggs.

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