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I went into the Niantic, CT store to look at options for a dining room set. I found one I liked and told the nice guy that I would be back the following day to purchase it (wanted 24 hours to sleep on the decision). The following day (Xmas Eve) I call Bob's to place my order, but unbeknownst to me, they charged me TWICE for my ONE order. What that meant was that on Xmas Eve, Bob's successfully emptied my checking account...EMPTIED my checking account!!!!!! ON XMAS EVE!!! If I hadnt been checking on the status of a refund I was expecting, I would never have seen that $594.49 PLUS another $594.49 was pending withdrawal.

1. I call Bob's because it's THEIR fault. They tell me, they only charged me once.

2. I call my bank, THEY tell me, Bob's charged me TWICE

3. I call Bob's back...they NOW tell me that they swiped the card once but they...mumbo, jumbo, blah, blah blah...they ended up getting TWO authorization codes. The WONDERFUL lady at Bob's...Diana, Diane...wish I remembered her name... said that I had to call my bank and ask them to cancel the order (basically, someone else has to fix Bob's ***

4. I call the bank back, they tell me to call the debit card company.

5. I call them. I'm told that BOB has to cancel the duplicate order on their end cos...shocker of shockers...it's their fault and they can refund or cancel the 2nd order.

6. I call Bob's back yet again and THIS TIME, I'm told by the same WONDERFUL lady who's name begins with a D, that she will see what she can do to get my money back but she would have to make enquires (I have told her that they have emptied my bank account, and in case she had forgotten, it was Xmas eve).

SHE calls ME this time and tells me that she has send an URGENT request to their corporate office to have the 2nd transaction cancelled, but seeing as its Xmas EVE (REALLY???) she didn't know what time corporate closed. At this point I've been on the phone with my bank, Bob's and my debit card company for about an hour...Bob's has effectively given me the runaround for over an hour before they finally decide to do what they should have done THE SECOND THEY REALIZED THEIR ERROR! But nope, I'm told to call everyone else under the sin to fix THEIR error.

"D" says that she is leaving in about an hour (2pm) and the store closes at 3pm, get this...cos it's Xmas Eve...like I don't know this..?? but she hopes to hear back from corporate and she will call me back before she leaves. But if corporate hasn't called back she would have her colleague Dee (HER name is actually Dee, go figure) call me to at least let me know what's going on. Well, at 2:45pm I hear nothing from anyone so I call them and wouldnt you know it....since it's quarter to closing no one is picking up the phone...and I tried more than once, incredible!!!

Well, long store short; Bob's took my money...TWICE...guess corporate was closed and I was left with nothing. Today is Dec 26th and needless to say, I'm personally going to Bob's this morning so they can attempt to give me the run around again, at which point I will officially lose my mind. It should be noted here that all through this lunacy and ineptness I have been polite and patient while dealing with the wonderful (sarcasm) people at Bob's, but those gloves have come off, I will get answers and my money back today or someone will have to physically remove me from their premises.

MERRY CHRISTMAS BOB'S...it is my mission in life to leave this heartwarming note wherever I can as a warning to anyone else that might want to shop at Bob's...DON'T DO IT. This is the first time I ever purchased anything form Bob's and it will be the last; the discount prices, such as they are, are not worth this.

Ohhhhhh and get this...doesn't look like you can leave a review on their website either...hmmmmm, wonder why?????????????????

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Reason of review: I cannot put a price on the value of my loss because due to Bob's I had no money to complete my Xmas shopping. Put a value on that!!!!!.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Overcharged and the runaround.

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