Boston, Massachusetts
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Bob's adjustable bed stopped working for my 83 year old mother. It was stuck in a sitting up position and we had to find another place for her to sleep.

They then agreed to send someone out in two days. This is after Ihad already called two months before ordering a new remote because it was already failing sporadicallt. They never sent the new remotes. I asked for suggestions as to where my mother should sleep.

They said they dont have anything to do with that. I now have to figure out where to put up my mother for two nights until the beds are fixed. The attendant was very nice and kept apologizing but thar didnt help me.

I aske about returning the bed . They said we could do "reselection" but I would have to go through the same nightmare again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Those power-bob's are definately a pain in the butt. It works great for some people, but alot of the times the circuit boards short out, depending on the amount of use it gets.

But for all the problems they may have, they actually carry a 20 year manufacturing warranty, where parts will be replaced if they burn out. And a 5 year full replacement warranty.