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I'm not one to complain, having a business of my own I know how some customers are. No matter how happy you try to make them, their always dissatisfied,you can give customers the merchandise for free their still not happy...But calling Bob's Furniture has become a joke...I ordered a Tempurpedic mattress & spent over $2,000 for a king size mattress & box spring, it was delivered over a month ago and I'm still waiting for the right box spring, as well as a receipt for my order.

I went to the new Bob's Furniture store that opened in Flushing,Queens...First off they should hire salespersons that speak English.I decided to go ahead with the order & placed it by phone,when the delivery arrived they brought me 2 twin size box springs to be placed side-by-side..being that I ordered a king size mattress the delivery guys told me they don't make king size box springs???"okay whatever," I said. Turns out one was shorter than the other?? Both box springs are shorter than the mattress but one of them is about a foot shorter, the mattress literally hangs off it about a foot..When I mentioned this to the delivery guys they were such in a rush to get to their next delivery they couldn't care less. He said I can sleep on it temporary & that he would mention it to dispatch & they left..

(btw Bob's Furniture & dispatch seem to act like their from 2 different companies almost as if Bob's get their merchandise from someplace else)..I waited 3 days & I never got a call from anyone at Bob's or dispatch,so I decided to call them, only to be placed on hold & listen to a recording of Bob's voice saying,"I hate being on hold, don't you" its so annoying... he would say it every 30 seconds..A word of advise If you are calling to make a payment press 1, someone answers right away..but if your calling concerning a problem with your order or delivery, plan on holding for at least 30 minutes..Finally I got a rep on the phone explained to her the situation &scheduled another delivery for the right box springs size...I stayed home from work for a 2nd time only to get the wrong size AGAIN...I couldn't believe it,is this a someone pulling a prank?? This time the delivery guys brought 2 box springs even shorter than first one..(I have alot of patience but now I'm starting to get upset)I missed a 2nd day from work only to get the wrong item delivered..whats wrong with these people..I NEVER got a call,forget an apology, just reschedule the delivery for the right merchandise, if I didn't call them and wait on the line for a rep to help me, they won't call you... They don't follow up with problems that occur on a delivery...

Not only do you have to wait so long on the phone then you get transferred to customer service to wait,wait & wait..finally a rep gets on the line & tells me its not Bob's Furniture who made the errors its dispatch department,they blame it on the delivery guys because their the ones who load their own truck...Man I gave up!!!

I hate calling, I hate being placed on hold, I hate waiting home to only get the wrong stuff delivered, I hate Bob's Furniture...the discount is not worth the aggravation they put you through..To place an order & collect a payment they answer right away,for any other reason they leave you on hold, hoping you would get fed up & hang up...As of today, April 5,2011 I'm still sleeping on the wrong size box springs that are 12 inches shorter than the mattress,one night I'm gonna fall off this bed..I'm still waiting for a call back from some at Bob's (a supervisor,a manager, anybody)& I still have no receipt for my only proof of sale is my credit card statement..I am one Unhappy Customer!!! I will never order anything from Bob's Furniture Again..

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Bobs suck......


I was also given a run-a-round by Bob's Discount Furniture customer service. Every department and 1-800 number that I spoke to claimed that it was not their fault.

They only do so and so, but not that, nooooo. No one at the Bob's Store in South Portland, Maine knew what was going on either. Not even the incompetent manager on duty.

She was very good at being unhelpful. I'm sure Bob's corporate is proud.