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On 8/7/08 we purchased a sofa and loveseat combo from Bob's Discount Furniture. The night before the expected delivery we disposed of our old furniture, as the retailer does not remove it.

On 8/30/08 the sofa arrived heavily damaged. We refused delivery of the sofa, but accepted the loveseat, as it was in acceptable condition and Bob's promised a replacement sofa in two weeks. On 9/13/08 the replacement sofa also arrived with unacceptable damage. My wife and I decided that enough was enough, and demanded that Bob's take back the pieces with a full refund.

The customer service rep initially refused a refund, citing that we were beyond their 3 day return policy. Instead we were offered a store credit, which was useless to us because the pieces were bought as a set and need to match. Only after my wife indicated that she would call the Better Business Bureau did Bob's agree to a refund, but insisted on keeping the $99 for the delivery.

We considered it cheap tuition for a valuable learning experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

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Well, I suspect you are right about the slash in the material - that does occur from time to time when unwrapping the pieces. And of course Bob's would want you to have a undamaged piece, and would continue to do what it needed to make sure that happened.

But at the same time, refunds of merchandise are not given once items enter a customers home - the sofa is one thing, being damaged, but the loveseat not being damaged is another issue altogther. So, while I absolutely understand your issue here, the delivery charge is absolutely non-refundable as long as there was no issue with the delivery team itself, as that is a service you are paying for - and even though the piece was damaged, the service was provided - 3 times.


"Craig" the clown shut the *** up already; your company sucks!


Craig, you must work for Bob's given the amount of defending you do of the company on this website. With respect to the first sofa, the front border of the left hand side panel was completely ripped out from the frame.

The second sofa had a very clean cut through the material, as if someone had accidentally cut the fabric with a utility knife during unpacking. Both types of damage were conspicuous and unacceptable for new merchandise, regardless of price.

Quality control standards should be in place to minimize the frequency with which these events occur, and to prevent such events from occurring twice with the same customer and the same piece. You should also be aware, that on purchasing the set, our salesperson reiterated several times, that if a piece was damaged, that we should not accept delivery of it.


I love people who shop bob's then complain about the qualitly or service. Bob's fills a need for those people who have little money.

You should lower your standards if you don't want to spend a lot of money. I think you got buyers remorse and was looking for an excuse to cancel your order.

$99.00 is a cheap price for two men a truck, insurance and fuel. So stop your whining.


What is your definition of "heavily damaged"? A tiny tear or small dirt mark? I only ask because you did not elaborate.

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