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My husband and I went to Bob's Furniture looking for a bedroom set, and we found one we liked easily. The salesman was nice, talked about any and everything and even made a couple cracks about my husband's hoodie being covered in white cat hair. We made a few payments on it over a couple months, and just got it today (January 20th).

Well, it wasn't anything what I expected. I opened the door to three men who could hardly speak English, and I had to either ask him to repeat himself several times or just nod and go along with it. When they were setting everything up in the room, I heard them from the living room speaking Spanish to each other, as if they didn't want me to know what they were talking about. It sounded like he asked where I wanted the headboard several times, and I told him against the window. He went out to get everything, and when they were "done" nothing was where I had asked them to put it. They scratched up a couple things while bringing it in, and the mirror on one of the dressers was put on almost carelessly and is very loose. We got the mattress and the thing it goes on, but no bed frame. Also, one of them "had" to use my cell phone to call customer service to report that the delivery was done (which my phone is pay as you go, and has very few minutes left on it as it is!). He couldn't figure out how to use it, and was going through my phone doing God only knows what trying to figure it out. I had to dial the number for him because he didn't know how to press simple buttons.

Never once were we told we wouldn't get a frame, we were only told we didn't have to get the footboard at the end of the bed. My husband had to call customer service when he got home from work to find out we never got on in the first place, when we thought we had. No one told us any of that. While we had no problem at all with the salesman himself, it could've been done a lot better than what it was. I'm not too impressed with Bob's, and having second thoughts on using them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

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Bob should be sharing a cell with Madoff. He peddles junk and won't stand behind it.

But don't forget to order the "Goof Proof" plan! Gee if the furniture were of any quality you wouldn't need to..


I am sorry u all feel it is racist....But I am far from one since I have a multi-race family. But I too would be upset if men showed up to my house and they didn't understand me and I didn't understand them...Especially if I was home alone.

How would u feel calling discover with a problem and the only spoke FRENCH? I don't care what race you are but as a person in customer service in the US you should have to speak English....I was born here, why do I have to learn a new language just to get furniture delivered?


Yea Jane it's pretty racist when someone can't speak the language when they're doing a customer service job...


Yes actually it is pretty hard when you can't understand a *** word they're saying. You want me to show up at your place and start speaking Korean to you?

Yeah, you wouldn't be too thrilled that you can't understand the *** language. Don't judge when you know you'd feel the same way, ***.


This is pretty racist. Sorry you had to lower yourself to consorting with someone who speaks another language. That must have been really hard for you.


moocho outrageous!!