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I have been waiting for over 3 weeks for a delivery of a leather couch and kitchen table. The delivery was scheduled for between 1-4PM.

At 12:55 I received a call from the delivery department that their truck broke down and they could not meet the agreed upon delivery day and wanted me to reschedule.

I am having 16 people come to my house to watch the super bowl, and they now have no where to sit based upon Bob's agreed upon delivery obligation. I asked her what should I do now and she said reschedule the appointment. Obviously she did not grasp the concept of 16 adults sitting on the floor to watch a game.

The other problem is that they now wanted to redeliver the items during the work week and for me or my wife to stay home all day to wait for them to call me that they would deliver the items with in an hour.

I explained that I am not taking a day off from work to wait for Bob's and that I wanted some type of compensation for them not meeting their obligation.

The customer service person said that it was not possible to which I said that they would either have to deliver it today or I would cancel the order.

I then asked why is my time not worth anything and that I should be the one penalized for them not being able to deliver my goods that they were paid in full several weeks ago, NO ANSWER.

She said that it would take between 3-5 days for my credit to which I told her it would take between 3-5 minutes for me to call my credit card company and dispute the charge.

I also explained that I would never buy from Bob's again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You were unreasonable to expect them to meet the delivery time if it was stuck on a broken down truck. Super bowl pixie dust wasn't gonna fly it through the air.

What else could they do but reschedule? But you did the best thing, canceling the order, in whatever way it eventually went down.

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