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We purchased bedroom set for 14 year old girl 12/02. By April of 04 the dresser was bowing in the middle. We purchased the goof proof for an extra $100.00. Guardsman told me "you live too close to the beach, that caused the particle board to warp, and so sorry, we don't cover warping..."

Appalled, I let this go. I admit, my fault. Recently stopped by Bob's to see if maybe we could replace the dresser, as of course it has worsened. Now none of the drawers close. (this child is now 18). Salesman told me they would come out on best effort service.

Tech came out on 8/8/08 He said "staples hold this thing together" so he replaced the staples with screws but said "you have to call guardsman to have them come out and rebuild the dresser". He put me on the phone with parts dept at Bobs who assured me even though warranty expired with Guardsman, he would speak to his liaison and help me out. He dropped the call, but I was still holding with the Guardsman music.

Guardsman said, we see your claim, it's been PENDING since April 2004. WHAT???? OK, what do you need? They requested copy of invoice with case number, which I immediately mailed to them, as I had my notes on it from the call in 4/04.

On 8/19/08 Guardsman called to deny any claim, stating that I was out of warranty, and they waited 4 years for me to mail the copy of my invoice! I asked to speak to a sup, and was referred back to Bob's customer service.

Now the Bob's rep says, we'll send the tech back to your house, because "I AIN'T GOT NO IDEA WHAT HE TALKIN BOUT".... that call was set up for 8/26.

Ah, no show, no call. I called. Found out that call had been cancelled by the service department, on 8/21 as tech said he couldn't do anything else, and was caused by customer abuse!

This rep called Guardsman, who said out of warranty is out of warranty, and the claim has aged out of the system. Guardsman says "no further options".

Bob's rep says, let me send a DIFFERENT rep to your house. He showed up today 9/4/04, and guess what... this is a manufactures defect... center bar snapped, support under top of dresser off... oh well, so sad lady, can't help you.

He put me on the phone with yet another Bob's rep, who reiterated the same. You're out of warranty...

I asked how to contact someone other than her, and was told, "there isn't anyone, but you can write to Consumer Relations

428 Tolland Tpke

Manchester, CT 06040

"That's Bob's secretary, she'll get the mail"

I may just take a ride there to speak to Bob myself... Connecticut isn't all that big!

Monetary Loss: $1124.

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The best effort service is exactly as it sounds - A service technician will go out to a customers home to provide the best effort he can in order to fix a particular item. If the piece is unrepairable, there is obviously nothing the technician can do.

Products are only guaranteed free of manufacturers defects for so long, in this case 1 year, did you expect Bob's to simply replace the piece because it started having problems 2 years later? And guardsman I know would not have replaced the piece, because the damage needs to be the result of 1 particular incident, like dropping it down the stairs.

Do you really call your auto insurance company and then the dealer, because your car starts to lose its paint, and begins to rust because you live by the ocean? If you did, you would be crazy, no one with common sense would expect either the insurance company or the dealership to cover this type of issue after the bumper to bumper warranty runs out on the vehicle.