Worcester, Massachusetts

Dummy me, 4 times I purchase furniture from Bob's Discount (Damaged) Furniture Stores and all 4 time received damaged merchandise. Hopefully this message will enspire others to write, pass on the word and prevent someone else from having to experience this lack of quality products and poor customer service by not buying from Bob's Discount (Damaged) Furniture Stores.

The PIT is what Bob's leaves in your stomach after you have dealt with them, guaranteed!

They might deal directly with the manufacturers but try to get them to deal directly with the consumer/customers. Check what others have written and you will see we clearly have experienced the REAL Bob's DAMAGED Furniture Stores!

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The couch has been releasing an odor which isn't going away, it's a chemical smell and the odor fills the ground floor.

No response from Bob's, multiple phone calls, there was no mention of a chemical smell otherwise we wouldn't buy.


purchased a couch, matress and bed frame hate it all especially the matress and bed frame and hate the service there was supposed to get my couch the day before my daughters birthday and waited all day took work off and to find out they did not pay attention to what i was saying lady that was typing the date in was to busy making fun of the salesman and was eating chips and i got my furniture a week and a half later and people calling me from bobs never said sorry or anything i am hoping there getting unemployment checks because they dont decerve to have a job i will never go back


:? I bought a new mattress.

Very nice and cheap. What's the catch?

Smells awful like chemicals. Hope it goes away!!!!

The salesman man greasy and nervous and pushy.


its called the pit for a reason! its where they put the broken furniture at marked down prices if you didnt want broken furniture you should have walked 20ft to the actual warehouse where the good stuff is for high prices, next time do some research and find out why places are named what they are named. its nobodys fault but your own dont blame bobs blame yourself for being dumb.