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Okay, so I am moving into the area from the west coast and will be going back there in a year or two, so kept my house there, and, it didn't make sense to ship furniture across country for short term stay. So, some folks from work recommended Bob's Discount Furniture. I first bought a bedroom suite. Delivery was scheduled, and they were to call a half hour ahead of time so I could meet them there. No call ahead of time, just a call that they were at my apartment. So, rush over, and they are no longer there. They went to the next customer, per customer service. In fairness, they came back within 20 minutes or so. Still, a little aggravating. Also, dresser and mirror weren't in stock, so they were to be delivered a week later.

Got the bed, and then went to buy living room furniture. Delivery promised in a week, so moved the delivery of the dresser and mirror back to coincide with other delivery. Get a call two days before scheduled delivery saying we need to schedule your delivery. In the meantime, I have a bed to sit on, nothing else! Okay, battle with customer service, and get delivery promised one day later than originally scheduled. Note is on order to call ahead half an hour before delivery. (I work 15 minutes from my apartment.) So, today I get a call when I'm on my phone, and a message is left. "We are at your house with your furniture." So, I rush out of work and go to my apartment, calling customer service on the way. Nobody there when I get to my apartment. Customer service says they have gone to next customer, should be back shortly. Half an hour later, I find out from another customer service rep that they cannot tell me when they will be coming back, and, for a re-delivery, they won't commit to calling half an hour ahead. Didn't accept this, and talked to a supervisor who promised me they would call ahead. I returned to work, and a couple of hours later checked in again. This time I was told they had two more customers to deliver and were suppose to call before trying to deliver. About 45 minutes later, I get a call--they are at my apartment again! I tell the customer service person that I expect them to wait for the time it would take me to drive home. Twelve minutes later, I'm home, but no delivery truck. I call customer service again, and am told the crew has been released for the day and are back at the terminal. I talk to a supervisor, again, and they say they will try to reschedule a delivery first thing tomorrow, but will call me back, probably in a few minutes to confirm. That's about 2 hours ago, and no call back, and no one answering at customer service.

I am seriously considering cancelling the order. It appears that they use a contract service and have no control over them. Three delivery times, all three suppose to have a 30 minute call ahead, and zero call aheads so far, plus they don't abide by their policy, which is to wait at least 20 minutes.

Best advice--buyer beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

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Bob Cares

I'm sorry to hear about your delivery. I'd be glad to make this right.

Please email your contact info to BobCares@MyBobs.com and we'll be in touch. Thanks, Eric.

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