Newark, New Jersey
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I receive a $200 gift card from Bob's discount Furn as an apology from a previous horrible experience! I decided to use the gift card(big mistake), I purchased a TV console over the phone with my original salesman.

He told me they do not accept gift cards over the phone...BUT, per STORE MGR, when I pick-up the merchandise the $200 gift card will be applied back to my credit card!! It has been over a month and the credit is not applied. I made several calls to the store and the management personnel is USELESS!! I had to get the credit card company involved.

My advice is NEVER deal with Bob's Discount Furniture..THEY SUCK>> pay a little extra & try to BUY AMERICAN!!!

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Bob Cares


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our company. I'd like to make this right for you.

Please contact me at Thanks Eric

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