Reston, Virginia

I bought this bed.Then I bought 5 different sets of sheets and NONE of them will stay on the mattress.Every morning I wake up and the sheets come off the corners and are in the middle of the bed. This is a huge problem for me, because I bought the bed hoping it would help with my bad back !

What I ended up with is a huge problem. Bob's sent a tech. out today, that told me I roll in the bed at night.I'm 140lbs. I don't roll in bed, I sleep on my back with a pillow under my knees.

I'm so glad someone mentioned taking Bob's to court,I would NEVER buy anything from Bob's again. Beware of this bed !

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

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I have the same problem. Every day I have to put the sheets back in place.

The covering they use acts as a rachet against the sheets and the expensive sheet protector they sell you. It's not one persons fault - if you turned the bed it would then happen on the other side. Bob's replaced our Bob-O Pedic - great service. The first one didn't have the issue, this new one does.

You certainly need deep pocket sheets for the thick mattress and I tried the vinyl protector that encompasses the whole mattress. It worked but was cheap and ripped. It's a great mattress but we are at the end of our rope and about to toss it.

I never thought a bed could annoy me as much as the Bob-O Pedic does. Until they change their covering, I don't see this problem going away.


Thank you Reston, VA My husband and I bought the same mattress in Oct 2011.....we cant buy sheets to stay on this matter what size, depth of pocket, quality or price we both end up wrapped up in the sheets (even with the elastic clips/corner straps) A good night sleep is a thing of the past...thank you so much.....2 1/2 yrs....7 sets of sheets later...glad to know its not just us! :(


I, too, am having this problem. It's driving me crazy.

But a class action lawsuit for a mattress cover? You're nuts. A tech coming to your house and telling you that you roll around while you sleep is hardly means for a lawsuit. Bob's may have issues, but everyone I have dealt with the multiple times I've been were always great.

And mattress covers aside, the bed rocks! We've had ours a year and it's wonderful.


Solved the sheet sliding problem on the Bob o Pedic mattress. Remove the velour cover (zipped on) and the problem is solved. The nap of the fabric causes the sheet to slide in one direction.


Im so glad I found these reviews!

I bought the original Bob-O-Pedic.. and I got really frustrated with the sheet sliding off to one side.. We were so frustrated, I thought it was him, moving around too much causing the sheet to bunch on his side,so we flipped the mattress, and low and behold it did it on MY side that night. :(

We bought hundreds of dollars worth of different sheets, and sheet straps. No avail, the sheet just wouldnt stay on.. I thought it was the sheet set itself, but it was a deep pocket set, and not cheap. We called customer care 3 times in our 30 days, then finally on our 60th day, they said they would exchange or return it. (Also had a problem with my side being firm and his plush when it was supposed to be all plush) :upset

We exchanged our mattress for the Celestial, and paid the difference. It's our second day with this new one, and the SHEET IS STILL COMING OFF.. Now that I seen that the velour cover might be the problem, Im wondering (since the celestial cover is SEWN in) if I put a fully encased protector on it, will it still move? Ive spent so much money already with this *** - Im at wits end.

I guess it wont hurt to try a fully encased cover - to try and stop the furry velour from acting like a ratchet and pulling the sheet... but wont the cover just move? SHEESH! What a headache this has been. Just thought Id share my frustration.


We too are having the problem of the sheet slipping off EVERY night. We have tried many different covers, pads, sheets...nothing, same problem.

Why should I have to disassemble the mattress for the bed to be the way it should be.

Bob 's should come up with a new cover to replace the bad one....for FREE. I will never buy from them again!!!


I have always sworn by jersey knit sheets they are very stretchy and I am a crazy sleeper my sheets don't ever come offf without me taking them off...u can usually get em from walmart for like 20 bucks hope this helps


YOur clowns!


I have a bob o pedic celestial mattress, it is totally sagging where we sleep on both sides. It's only a year and a half old. Is anyone else having this problem?


As a follow-up, here is what the problem is with these mattresses. If you run your hand on the top of the mattress without a sheet from left to right and then from right to left, you will feel that the little hairs that make the soft velour surface lie in one direction.

They grab your hand one way and are smooth the other way. This action acts like a ratchet on whatever sheets or mattress cover you put on, resisting movement in one direction and allowing it in the other. This is why the sheets tend to keep riding up on only one side of the mattress. It is also why removing this matress cover solves the problem.

My guess is that removing the cover will void your warrantee since it leaves the mattress foam unprotected. An alternative is to purchase a mattress encasement which encloses the entire mattress and zippers closed.

These are pretty easy to find these days due to the popularity of bed bug neuroses. Unfortunately they cost about 100 bucks.


My girlfriend bought one of these and has the exact same issue. I thought it interesting that Bob's told her to do a bunch of things to get past the 60 day satisfaction guarantee period before sending out a tech.

Of course the tech was the first person to tell her that "this happens all the time". Sounds like a great class action for a creative attorney


Glad I came here. I'm going to try taking off the cover.

I was going to sew a cover to go over the bed but haven't had the time.

I hope this works. Thanks!


I had the exact same problem. Remove the cover (fully zips off) that comes with your Bob-o-Pedic (yes-the super fuzzy soft cover that comes on the mattress).

Sure-it's so soft! And it wasn't half bad sleeping directly on that when my sheets slipped off! But you aren't supposed to sleep on that soft cover without the sheets. Which brings us back to the problem.

That super soft cover causes your sheets to slip.

As Art recommended in a previous post, remove that cover and your sheets will stay on-problem solved!!.

There will still a cloth undercover on the mattress once you remove that fuzzy cover. It's not as glamourous, but your sheets will not slip anymore.


I am an 84 year old woman. I made the unfortunate mistake of purchasing a

bedroom set from Bob's in NJ. Shortly after

receipt of the furniture I became ill and

wasn't able to attend to the problems to the

newly delivered furniture. By one year after

purchase my bedframe had fallen apart and

I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

I contacted Bob's customer service whom

sent a tech to inspect my furniture. The

tech stated his full agreement as to the

problems he witnessed in viewing my furniture.

Hearing no reply from Bob's I contacted the

customer service dept.again and was advised that the tech had reported that there were no

problems with my furniture. I explained

my surprise based on the tech's comments to

the customer service rep. and a new tech was

sent to examine my furniture. It has been

months and I still have had no response from

Bob's, which I would say does not bode well

for my receiving any assistance in fixing

my furniture problem. At 84 years of age

I suppose I am destined to spend the rest

of my life sleeping on the floor. My next

steps will be to contact the better busines

bureau and the state attorney general. A

business such as Bob's who advertses on TV

every five minutes should be stopped from

selling inferior products to innocent consumers. "Bob" should be ashamed not to

stand behind his products. I would venture to say it must be because "he" is aware that

his material is substandard. Please, save yourself a lot of time and trouble, it's not worth the cost of the poor quality furniture products. Don't buy furniture at Bob's Furniture!!!!!


Sick of adjusting the sheets every single day. Help!!!


people, who gives a *** about your *** sheets? really, just get a special cover, the sheets is the less of your worries . what counts is how go is the mattress.


Same problem here. The solution I came up with is use a mattress "encasement" cover - covering the entire mattress.

Like a pillow cover, it zips on one end. I bought the allergy / bed bug protector one for around $110. I put it on the mattress (it takes 2 people to do because the mattress is really heavy) then I put on my regular mattress cover (the quilted kind) and sheet set (extra deep pocket).

So far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed!!


This is a basic problem with ALL memory foam mattresses including Tempurpedic. There are special sheets designed to stay on these mattresses, but like everything else foamy, they can be very expensive.


I am having the same problem,was hoping to come here and find a solution. It has nothing to do with not knowing how to make a bed. especialy since the sheets fit and never came off my spring mattress.Good luck to us and I HOPE we find a solution


Had our bobopedic for folur months and have to make the bed five times every night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even with new set of sheets...........

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