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Bob's sells defective mattresses and then does not offer a refund after they themselves deem their product defective.

We have contacted several consumer protection attorney firms and will be starting an investigation of these issues in order to initiate a class action suit naming all stores, general managers and sales people in this case. We will also name Ted English/CEO and his executive team as well.

We have several sales people as well as service reps from the field that will be contacted for deposition to these charges.

After several escallated calls to Bob's Discount Funtriure Customer Services, and after some initail flat out ruse conversations with Jeff, we were passed to Laura who pretty much read a script sayign they couldnt dao anythign but issue a store credit.

So much for Bob's "I'll make it right" line that he advertises.

I've given Bob's Discount Furniture plenty of opportunity to make this right. Now we are forced to take this to the next level.

Prior to the law suit, we will contact various consumer protection media outlets (60 Mins; local consumer advocate investigative reporters) so Bob's can answer these charges before it hits the courts. We'll do this so they can not claim, "we cant comment about pending legal cases".

Bob's - I'm avaialble to talk anytime and will be willing to reconsider this matter and the direction it has taken.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

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Take a store credit and get another can " name" all the people you want..but even in a court they will give you store credit, or have the manafactor replace it...

And you do realize a class action lawduit, you might get 20.00 if you are lucky and the attorneys make the money out of them..not the people


I have the same problem with the defective mattress. I called customer service and was given the spiel.

I am really upset about the situation. I have written letters to Customer Care at asteille CT,.and 70 Jewitt ST.

if you have a class action suit please include me. i can be reached at 347-275-6771