Hyattsville, Maryland
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On March 2nd, 2013 my husband and I thought our lives was going to change forever. We left the store super excited about making a big purchase for our home. We was in the store for hours picking living room furniture out. We meet with sales associate Victor Etongwe. Once we decided what we was getting it was time to pay and schedule shipping. The sales associate Victor Etongwe didn't know what he was doing as far as scheduling so he got the assistance of Mr. Sandy Rubin (sales manager). Victor kept telling us he had to split out entire order into two shipping dates because the brand new furniture that was new like 24 hours new to the store was sold out. One shippment was going to arrive on March 11th and the other March 18th. With the help of the sales manager Sandy Rubin he was able to arrange the second order to arrive two days early. I was still disappointed our order was going to be split but understood things happen. The sales assoicate Victor swiped my Bank Of America debit card and we was on our way.On March 7th at 5pm I get a call from the accounting department at Bob's saying my furniture and shipping date was given to someone else because my debit card was declined. How could this be possible? Y'all swiped my card on March 2nd, I signed the reciept, I got a approval code and $2,062.81 was deducted from my bank account. The accounting lady said I'm sorry this happen but can I have your credit card number over the phone and we will try again. I called the bank and the funds was returned. My bank said they took the money on March 2nd and tried again on March 4th to run it as a electronic check at 9:14am. The bank denied it because the funds was already held 2 days ago. The bank said they screwed up not approving the authorization on their end and tried to fix the mistake two days later by recharging my card as a electronic check and doing so without a simple phone call to me. Can you say bank fraud? THis is why the bank denied their request. So now I'm faced with either trusting them with my card and rescheduling shipping or going else where. I asked to speak with the store manager, sales assoicate, and sales manager all three was in a meeting. I was told over the phone the next shipping date will be in two weeks and I can take it or leave it. I was getting pissed and pissed. I hung up took a deep breath and called back finally I got the sales manager. He said he don't know what happen and he is unable to schedule the same shipping date becuase it was given to someone else and oh by the way SORRY. I was in tears because my husband and I really wanted this furniture and it was a great price. Our current furniture was given to us by family and we had it for 8 years now. It is falling apart. This was the perfect time to get new furniture especially since we was getting new carpet installed at home. Now what do I do? I went to another furniture store and repurchase new furniture and recieved a new shipping date sooner than Bob's. To make a long store short they screwed up with my account. They tried to re-use my debit card without authorization from me, gave away my furniture and shipping date, never contacted me, paperwork states I was given the goof proff kit and I wasn't, and each person gave me these exact words..Oh by the way Sorry.

The only good thing that came out this was the free ice cream and candy my 6 year old recieved at the store.

I will never recommend this company again to anyone unless you want unauthorize tampering to your bank account.

Monetary Loss: $2063.

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Bob Cares

This certainly sounds like a mess. I'd like to investigate to ensure issues like this don't happen again in the future.

Would you please email at with your order info? Thanks, Eric.