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Update by user Dec 19, 2016

Update: They are still investigating. Apparently Mark, the man from Bob's that I was speaking to for weeks, only decided to contact corporate a few days ago.

I continue to catch him in multiple lies. There has been no resolution and we are close to six weeks since the incident.

I cannot beg your more to discontinue shopping with this company. They deserve to go under for the safety of everyone who comes into contact with them.

Original review posted by user Nov 17, 2016

Do not shop at Bob's Discount furniture. I am not even a customer, but had a nightmare experience.

I awoke to screaming and opened my blinds to see the delivery driver yelling at the garbage man for asking him to move his truck. When I went out to leave for a doctor's appointment, the truck was parked blocking half of my driveway, making it impossible for me to get out, despite more than sufficient parking on the other side of the road. The drivers were no where to be found. When they did come out of the house, we have several homes on our street with duplexes and I had no idea where they were dropping off furniture, they began to scream at me.

Profanity is an understatement. They could not understand why I did not drive through my grass or why I did not search from house to house until I found them. They also claimed that my parked vehicle...parked...hit their truck. Why the screaming and the swearing...because I asked them to move.

It escalated quickly with the driver informing me that he was calling the cops to report his hit truck. I started to take pictures and video right away evidencing his behavior and the lack of damage. He made a fake phone call. As he was doing this and began to scream at me again, I called Bob's.

I put them on speaker phone and they heard his profanity and confirmed the same. The salesperson asked me to call back after the police arrived. Thankfully my neighbors saw the assault and called the cops before I could. Before the cops could arrive, the 6'4" driver assaulted me.

I have bruises up the side of my body, which I did not uncover until I took my shirt off that evening to shower. I wish that I took my top off on scene so that the man could be arrested. I was taping the man when he assaulted me, so have definitive proof. At this point my husband arrived, parked his vehicle on the side of the road, out of the way of traffic and ran up.

The driver stopped attacking me as my husband pulled him off of me. I turned my camera on again as the driver began to yell at my husband, swearing again, and saying that he prayed we were not married. You can hear the driver address my husband and I. You can see that he does not feel threatened.

He then speeds away crashing into my husband's vehicle. He is down a side street when he hears cops cars and stops. He claimed to not have any insurance information on him and to call Bob's. We called Bob's right away and were directed to the nicest woman.

She was shocked by our treatment and was able to be connected to corporate. A very rude woman stated that someone would contact me within a week. No contact. Our insurance company is not even able to get a call back.

My neighbors came over when the police arrived and explained that their home was trashed by the delivery driver. They called Bob's right away and several times after to no resolution. Morale of the not promote a stop that hides when their employees damage innocent strangers' property and body. I am beyond upset and have video evidence to prove my entire case.

For fear that the driver would come back if we filed assault charges, which he threatened to do, I did not file the same. I only wish that I had so that someone could be held liable in court. I guess it is time to find a lawyer and pursue liable charges for the store. If I could find a way to post the photos on their page, I would do the same.

Unfortunately, they have all posts, minus reviews, blocked.

I apologize for any grammar errors in my post. I am beyond upset and very emotional even typing this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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