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I recently went to a Bob's Discount Furniture Store in Orange, CT with the intention of buying a recliner that I saw advertised online at their website for $299. I chose the chair and was attended by a sales person. At the close of the sale, I was asked if I wanted a service plan that would cost approximately $40 for 5 years which I refused. Then I was hit with the bomb...a $60 delivery charge! With this charge and taxes, this $299 recliner came out to $380! This is a discount store?

I accepted the delivery charge, and when I got home I read the pamphlet that I was given with the invoice. In the pamphlet it stated that they would remove all bedding if I was purchasing a mattress from them at the time of delivery. It then stated that they would not move any of the owner's furniture for any other delivery. This confused me since bedding is much heavier and riskier to move than a chair.

I called Bob's delivery and advised them that I would need some help in lifting the old recliner up and to the doorway entrance when I would then drag it out to the dumpster myself. I gave them the reason that I was a recent cancer survivor and only had one lung and could not move this chair myself over a dining table and to the door. Possibly a "1 minute assist." They refused to help me due to "liability" reasons.

This is a 2 pronged complaint. One is the callous insensitivity that Bob's Discount Furniture has for its customers, two is the ridiculous delivery charges which inflate their supposed "Discount" furniture and could probably start its own private delivery service at a tremendous profit which they are doing in a clandestine manner.

I then canceled the entire order and was able to buy a fine recliner at for $309.99 and a $2.95 Delivery Charge!!! Stop scamming customers Bob. There is nothing discounted in your stores except customer service and care, and stop your false advertising. I hope this notification gets out to customers before they are scammed by your "discount furniture."

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner.

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Cancer doesn't make you special.


I was goi g to purchase a bedroom set and mattress set for $1600. From Bobs until they said the delivery charge was $219.00.

Give it up.

Told them to forget it. What a scam.


bobs furniture I can't believe you did'nt help the cancer gentlemen. I was going to by a living rm set and dinning rm set from you not now. You should be a shame always protecting your self instead of helping others.


We had bought sofa/recliner last year, and it became unstitched. We tried calling the number that the warranty states to call a 800-538-9500

waited for 20minutes and nothing.

Called multiple times and they did not answer. Finally found the number for the corporate office and called them to take care of the problem. We are awaiting for them to come and see the couch next wednesday.

We will see if that happens. Don't have much hope.


That's life. Yes you have to pay for delivery and yes you have to pay tax.

Those fees you mentioned aren't even that bad!!! Why would you think that they would move your existing furniture for you???

If you wind up in a situation like that, you don't ask the store you do what everyone else does. Ask the delivery guys if they'll do it for an extra $10 or $20.


I think you need to learn the meaning of the word "scam". You can't just apply it to any situation you don't like. This was not a scam in any way.

As Jenni said, delivery charges are standard. Most companies who offer "free delivery" actually fold that cost into their retail price. I think that's far more scammy. At least Bob's lays it out up front and you have the option of not paying it if you want to bring the chair home yourself.

The bedding removal is a courtesy, they are not a moving service. They sell furniture. It is up to you to find people to clear room for the new furniture. If a Bob's employee injured himself in your home lifting your furniture, he may not be insured for that. Not to mention if he damaged your home (walls, carpet, flooring) or damaged the furniture he's moving.

The fact that they were even willing to give you a "one minute assist" shows that they were being sensitive to your issues and trying to help. They really are not obliged to do even that.

You are not entitled to anything you claim in this complaint. Sorry.


it is a standard liability policy to not assist you with your own furniture. they are not a moving company and bob's did not give you cancer so they really don't owe you anything. as for the delivery charge, i have worked in furniture businesses my entire life and $60 is about average depending on location.

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