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I bought a "bonded" leather sofa/sleeper in 2011 with a 5yr Goof Proof warranty. The cushions started to buckle and peel this year, after the 1yr manufacturer warranty expired.

I contacted them, thinking my Goof Proof protection plan would get me replacement cushions. A technician came out, took pics of the damage, and I spoke to a rep who gave me a number to call. I called and went thru extensive questioning about the type of damage my sofa sustained, only to be told the peeling on my couch isn't covered in the protection plan that I paid for- they only cover "accidental rips, tears, and punctures" and that my peeling leather is a manufacturer warranty. When I contacted Bob's Discount Furniture, they offered me the chance to buy new cushions!

I have recommended lots of people to Bob's as I liked the furniture, it is comfortable and I fully expected it to last. My ex-mother in law, bought a bedroom set because of my recommendation.

And now, I have this problem that I have to spend more money to fix. It's unacceptable.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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The only goof I see is the one writing the complaint and not knowing what bonded leather is.


Bonded leather is not real leather and I don't know why this is not regulated here in the US. In Europe, bonded leather is illegal to be sold as real leather.

I made the costly mistake years ago buying bonded leather chairs. I asked the sales lady if it was real leather and she said yes. I don't think she truly knew what it was.

Please do your research before you buy bonded leather. This material will eventually peel and will have to be thrown away or recovered.


Same experience here, bought a sofa and loveseat from the Saugus, MA store. they "leather" as they call it is peeling and shedding.

i have to cover them with throws, it is so awful to look at. i called customer service and sent pics, and they say it is a manufacture problem, so the best they could do for me is give me a credit for much much less than what i paid for them. it probably will only cover the purchase of a loveseat if that. i will never shop here again and have told alot of people too.

I purchased the goof proof warranty also, what a waste of money if it does not cover what they claim it covers.


WOW!!! and I was told that my 'accidental rip' was specifically not covered!!


I bought a leather bonded 3 seat couch and the goof proof plan 2 years ago and when I called to report a cut on the back of the couch, I did the terrible mistake(according to Bobs customer service) of reporting also that at the edge of one of the cushions the leather started peeling off and right after that the lady told me that I had exceeded the amount of incidents to be reported "I should have reported only one at the time" and since I didn't I was out of coverage ...so I tell everyone to stay away from BOBS THEY STOLED MY MONEY they promise the sky and the stars to get you into buying from them and then they don't abide by their word. BOBS SUCKS THE WORST EVER not because their products are horrible but because they lie to their customers in their faces and then they hide behind a phone. We should all start a class action against them so at least they will stop the GOOFY PROTECTION


Same here, I was not given a refund, because I was told byThe Dedham, Massachusetts, sales person,that I couldn't. I read the info.

Sheet, attached to the receipt, and it stated that, I should get a refund. I was given a replacement set, which took a lot of time, to pick out, and , a lot of confusion, when I was trying to decide, which one to pick. I just want "MY MONEY BACK". Especially now; guess what?

The replacement I chose, was not what was delivered; another set arrived, and it was damaged. Oh my goodness, I am suffering, through all of this. Join me in reaching out to channel 7's, " solve it 7". Now they expect extra money, I don't have, on another set.

Please someone, help me make this STOP!! I am also going to talk to a lawyer, this week.

Small claims will, hopefully, return even more than my $1,510, for all this pain and suffering I'm experiencing. Signed Fronnie watkins.


I will have to say bobs has the worst customer service I have ever came into contact with . I bought a sectional from bobs and about a year into it the fabric stared to rip and the back cushion stapled into the back panel also ripped apart .

The cushions interior is always coming out and I have to push it back in . When I call the good proof customer service and explained what was happening to my couch she put me on hold a few times and kept trying to manipulate my situation to ensure my sofa feel into the " Exclusions" category . She explain that because the 2 problems I was having, wasn't the same problems caused by the same source it wasn't covered !!! I Then asked to speak to a supervisior and she said she didn't have one .

I was pretty much at a lost of words! I tell everyone who ever thinks about buying furniture to stay away from Bobs !! My husband and I was moving into our new house and decided to buy new furniture . I am happy to say we started w the sectional and STOPPED THERE .

Our bedroom and living room set where purchased somewhere else .

I'm very happy w that decision and now after less than 2 years w our sectional we are looking for a new one . Thanks Bobs for the waste of furniture that could have easily been fixed .


I have the same problem, all they say is that it's not covered because manufacturing warranty expired. My sofas just turned one year old, this has been happening since I had then for about 4 months.

They say its Normal wear and tear. I don't understand why they would be this bad. It's 3 people in my house and no one home all day.

Their customer care sucks, all they say is they will call me back. I'm never buying from them again.


I bought table, chairs, bar stools, bedroom set and couch. I also bought Goof Proof.

Nothing is covered. Chair pads actually fell off the chair and bolts are breaking and falling out of bar stools. The couch cushions are flat! NOT WORTH IT!!!

What a joke.

They are not going to last long - the only reason they are in business is because divorced people need furniture immediately. Bob's Furniture Warranty is absolutely worth nothing!


This scares me because BOTH my living room and dining set are falling apart after less than 2 years. I have *** kids, so I know it's not from them abusing or jumping all over everything.

All the paint is chipped around my tables and the screws are all stripping from the chairs.....this makes me very angry. We bought our house a little over a year ago and spent a fortune furnishing every room (3 bedrooms, living room and dining room) I will flip a lid if my goof proof doesn't cover anything!


I almost made the mistake of buying bonded leather. There is actually very little leather in it.

It is made from the last, thinnest part of the animal hide and is coated with polyurethane, which is stamped to have a grain. Apparently, many countries do not even allow this material to even be advertised as "leather".

Their commercials are very misleading. They also say that it's real leather everywhere you touch, which means the back and sides are plain vinyl.


Actually from Mass not Virginia as last post states we went to the Saugus store.


I have the same problem with the bonded leather, had it two years and it looks like a deranged cat got at it and I don't have any animals. Goof proof was a fail as told not covered.

It is so bad have to cover it

with throws. Bobs cust svc said they would take it away, give us a credit then go buy something again and of course the credit reduced because of use markdown. So no furniture, less money back, and shop and wait for delivery, take it or leave it. Needless to say completely disgusted, not satisfied.

I have been in cust svc for years and anything can be done for cust sat like a complete replacement.

We spent lots of money there to be blown off. Never shop again and show others our furniture when thinking of shopping there.


Couldn't agree with you more. I bought my sofa and love seat from Bob's two years ago.

The fabric on the love seat is peeling all over. I called bob's and they had a tech, come and look at the problem, and was told to contact goof proof, which I did. Goof proof told me they do not cover this type of damage. I then called bob's again and was told there is nothing they can do for me.

I pretty much spent over $1,000 on a sofa and love seat that I only got two years of use. Neither the supervisor nor customer service provided me with any satisfaction and I was told that there is no recourse available to me.

Thanks for NOTHING!!!!!! Don't ever shop here.

Bob Cares

I'd be happy to take a look into this. Please email me at BobCares@MyBobs.com and we'll be in touch. Thanks, Eric.

@Bob Cares


please look into ours as well. your customer service reps took our situation and manipulated it so they could hide behind one of your 'good proof' exculsions...then, when i asked to speak with a supervisor, she hung up on me!

really rotten customer service.

please send me private message for my contact info, contract number, etc.or send me yours. thank you.