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I bought a 7 piece dining set from Bob's in CASH..crisp $100 bills out of pocket (I say this for a reason, keep reading). The day of my delivery (yesterday) I got a phone call saying one of the chairs had broken so they were going to send the rest of the set and send out a new chair a few days later. When the delivery men come (men who could barely speak any english!) one of them walked into my house without knocking!!! My 3 y/o was right there by the door when he quietly came into my house...thank goodness I was right in the living room and saw it for myself, otherwiae had I not seen him come in he would have scared the *** out of me. Anyway, the two guys unload every piece of my set out of the truck and let it sit out there in the rain for at least 15 minutes until the *** who walked into my house like he owned it came in to tell me the legs to the table weren't the right ones! Then he asks me if he could use my phone to call the 800 number about the issue, which I really don't care about using my phone, but funny how after 5 minutes of him being on hold he hangs up and then dials the number on HIS phone! So they take the whole thing back and they rescheduled another delivery a few days later.

Well, today thinking about it at work, I figured this was a sign of bad luck to come with this set so I went back to the store to cancel the delivery and get a refund and planned on using the money towards Jordan's Furniture. And this is why I mentioned that I paid every penny out of pocket in the beginning...they would not issue me a refund unless it was by check which I would not receive until exactly 1 week later! So, they are withholding MY money for another week in the bank while they make interest off it by the bank without having to pay ME interest for holding MY money! I understand it's a lot of money for furniture, but if I'm paying straight up cash for it, then I want a cash refund, plain and simple. Luckily, my father helped me out by paying for a new set at Jordan's furniture until I get my check from Bob.

Then the lady at the customer service desk gives me 2 phone numbers to call about the situation. The first one she says is a "customer service line"...no it was just another store location. Then she gives me the "corporate number"...no that was also just another store location.

Also, my sons birthday party is in 2 weeks. Had my father not helped me out by getting me the new set at Jordan's today, I would not get a set in time for the party and none of the guests would have anything to sit on other than the couch. Bob's literally was going to force me to wait another week to go out and purchase furniture because the only money I had for it was the money I gave them. ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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Not sure why it put those asterisks in my posting, but I did NOT use any swear words. Weird. Sorry if it looks that way to the reader.


I totally understand how you feel!!!! We had ordered a TV entertainment unit....3 simple pieces.

Had to be assembled in our home. It took 3 deliveries to get it done. The first 2 men trashed our house, got my rug dirty, brought wet leaves in on their feet etc. never once apologized.

They built the unit wrong. Bobs also sent a wrong piece but they built it anyway!!!! So ***! So, the 2nd delivery came a week later (too late if you ask me) and they literally TRASHED the piece while trying to build it out on my front lawn!!!

They scratched it up and lost pieces, then blamed Bobs for sending the wrong thing...lies! The 3rd team finally came, but they were not only late, they were rude. They finally got it built, but by that time I didn't even care. I was so upset.

Like your delivery men, none spoke English clearly! I'm sure most were probably illegal immigrants.

I just got off the phone with a Bobs manager at customer service (after holding on the phone for an hour!!!!!!!!!!) and she said "oh I'm so sorry...blah blah blah." The ONLY compensation she gave was our delivery charge back and then she said she'd send a $75. gift card.

WHAT? I do NOT want to shop at Bobs ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!! So ***!! Every last one of them!!!!!

I HATE BOBS!!!!!!!!!!! Will never go back!


i know how you feel. i gave these jerks 5 tries and wish i would have cancelled my order after the 1st try.

its all rosy @ the store, but once you its time for delivery all *** breaks loose.... rude delivery men who barely speak english and act like you owe them something to broken furniture to missing parts of your order. i hate bob's! they should be put out of business.....

read my complaint its worse than yours..... i wrote it in september.

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