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I purhased a large wrap around sofa from Bob's Discount Furniture in Portland, Maine back at the end of February '08 and I was almost immediatly infested with bedbugs. I didn't even know I had a problem because only my boyfriend was getting bit and not me.

We didn't see any bugs for several months so I thought my boyfriends was going crazy until finally they'd sucked sooo much blood out of him, they grew to a gigantic size which could not be missed. I google them and found out they were bedbugs and they were all through my apartment. I'm 100% positive they came from the new couch. Bob's Discount wouln't pay for an exterminator or even reimburse me even though I paid an extra $100 for the "oops proof" which is ***!

I'm calling my lawyer as we speak and I"m going to do whatever it takes to spread the word!


Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Bought a foundation from Bob's Discount in Portland, Maine. Almost immediately had bed bugs!

Never had a problem in my life.

Don't buy from Bob's Furniture ever! Actually I think it's considered South Portland, Maine.


Hello everyone, I have joined the Bobs Discount Furniture bed bug broken dream team. I am typing out all of your stories to present my case to the Bobs Discount furniture staff and possibly a court of law if necessary; using your stories as evidence that this is an on going problem. On March 6, 2011, I purchased a sofa and love seat from Bobs Discount Furniture in Natick MA. These products did not arrive until April 1, 2011. It recently came to our attention that the couch was loaded with bed bugs. We hired an exterminator to come *** the situation and his professional opinion was that the bed bugs were only located in the couches and no where else throughout the house. Also, based on the evolution and size of the bed bugs that it is very likely the bed bugs came with the furniture. Not only am I going to pursue this issue to its fullest extent, I am also going to try and get the Massachusetts Health Department involved. If this is an ongoing problem, then why is Bobs Discount Furniture allowed to continue to sell furniture that destroys the lives of it consumers? I am asking for some light contact information from all of you so that if some officials need to contact you they can. If you are willing to assist could you please email your first name and email address to AirforceJG@hotmail.com. This would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You



You're out of your *** mind! Probably one of those low lifes just looking to make a buck!


I had the same experience.

At this time I’m interested in joining with others customers who have had a similar experience. Please build the courage to voice your concerns and join together to do something about this. Let’s get what is owed to us, please join me.



Your boyfriend probably got the bedbugs from the cheap motels he's been going to with the *** he's been *** behind your back....


Are you insane?

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