Well lets start with the two shady guys that showed up to delivery my furniture, they carried in boxes that were printed MADE IN CHINA with unassembled furniture, my tv stand was damaged and the one guy tried to hide it from me and when I pointed it out he states "This stuff gets thrown around and broken all the time." Then they had to be instructed on how to get the couch in the door, thankfully I was once employed as a furniture delivery man and gave instructions, so after inspecting the furniture I ended up refusing half the order and requesting a refund, check back later for my complaint on that request because its been 6 days and they are still jerking me around and haven't refunded my money, so the morel of my story is DO NOT BUY FROM BOBS DISCOUNT FURNITURE, he can take his free ice cream and shove it!!!!

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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Re: "Former Employee" Post: You're obviously a Bob's employee trolling sites and contradicting TRUE accounts. It seems as if Bob's discounts are not worth the aggravation. And just so you know, it's "numerous" not "numberous" so maybe YOU should so your homework as well!


i've worked for numberous furniture companies in the past. one thing the customers dont realize is that it is 2011 people, every major furniture store carries stuff that is made overseas.

Jordans, Cardi's, Etc. Bobs has stuff made in USA (upholstery) and most made overseas (casegoods) it does not matter where you buy your furniture, it matters WHAT you buy. do u actually think that the manufacturers that bobs carries are ONLY sold at Bob's???

they have alot of the same brands as other stores. so do your homework.


My wife taught me many years ago, you buy cheap, you'll buy twice. Bob's is cheap and that is how he target markets his made in Indonesia and China furniture.

The shipping costs him more than the product and labor combined. That had better be some great ice cream to make up for the aggravation and disappointment you will have to deal with.

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