Andover, New Hampshire

We bought a leather living room set from Bob's and after 2 years the leather began to peel off.

After waiting on hold for customer service for an hour they finally sent someone to come and look

at it. He said there was nothing they could do to fix it and they don't deal with that company any

more so basically were out of luck. No money back, no way to get past customer service,left having to

dispose of a 2 year old sofa. I am also writing to the NH Attorney Generals office for false advertising. Commercials say you can talk to BOB.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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No company that peddles junk--as Bob's does--will stand behind it. Think about it.

And people actually pay more for the goof proof which does nothing. When you spend more for good stuff you won't need a warranty.

Do it right or do it twice. There's a sucker/cheapskate born every second, so instead of this clown going out of business he's putting up his 46th store..


Furniture is ***, warrantys will not be honored, customer service is rude.

You get what you pay for!

I hope he gets sued, the company folds & all his ads get pulled from TV.


i want to thank all who wrote about Bobs; *** furniture, i am about to embark on a complete redecorate of my living room, probably to the tune of 10 to 12k, looks like i will go back to Jordans and Lazy Boy.

thank you all


I will not buy from bobs furniture..i buy from bernieand pyhill's or jordans but not bobs..the biggest reason is i have been in three bobs furniture stores and the salesmen follow you around like they think your a shoplifter, you can never get a good look at something without being pounced on like your a raw chunk of mean in a piranha tank...i like having salespeople available but please..its beyond a joke.

I feel like my face must be on a wanted poster, when one walks away within a minute theres another one giving you the hard sell..its called browsing and if you cant take people doing it then close the doors...i have never lasted mnore then 5 mionutes without walking out and directly to another....AND BUYING...bobs has lost more then $20k in business with their approach


I have a 1.5 year old recliners and am on my THIRD Service call!!! The first time, I was covered by the 1yr manufacture warranty, but the tech that came RIPPED *** in the bottom of the sofa to FIX IT!! WHAT A ***!!

The second call I was 2months over the 1yr wrty and had to call Guardsman. That took a FULL 2.5 months to close.

Here I am in month 18 of having these chocolate (i do love the color) recliners and once again I have to call Guardsman because Bob sells INFERIOR FURNITURE. :(

My family loved the sofas and were looking at Bob's to buy theirs, I WON'T LET THEM MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE.

I smell class action suit!

BTW - BOB's wanted MORE $$$$ For the parts!!! W-T-F?!?! HELLS NO!


thank you for all the information was going to buy a chase chair but with all the bad response im not buying it thank you


Pure ***. This fraudulent hebe should be sharing a cell with Madoff.


Bob's is garbage. You can get a couch at a tag sale for 25 bucks and it will be 20 times the quality and comfort of a 500 dollar Bob's couch. Always buy used furniture if you don't have the coin for good new stuff.


Holding for an hour...that's not true bcuz the phone doesn't let u hold that long it tells you 2 leave a call back number n it doesn't move your spot n the quere. If u dnt like bobs then that's personal that's something u have 2 deal with.

You think bob is gonna stop succeeding bcuz you dnt like his merchandise??? Nooooo he isn't. He have ppl 2 help and try 2 help. But when u call in and yelling and demanding how do u expect 2 get help.

U ppl have nothing better else 2 do just to TRY keyword TRY n put bobs dwn. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!


sometimes buy cheap it's a price to couch from Bob's is COLLAPSING in one side already and it's not even 1 1/2 yrs old! sometimes it's good to investigate and or invest on a piece of furniture than buying from a Discount store...I'm done with them heck my Recliner I bought from another Furniture store(not discount store) has 11 yrs with us leather got a beating and move that Furniture all the way to FL and Back to NJ and still in better shape than that *** sofas "Bob" sold me...Live and learn! I always say!


Wow, just to comment on previous poster... you are an ***.

First of all, in case you are unaware of the timber market, rainforest wood is no cheaper than New England wood (especially when you factor in transportation costs). So how you figure that this is his method of providing cheap products is beyond me.

Secondly, BOB does not get his material anywhere..

he does not make his own furniture, he does not purchase wood, or parts or material or anything for the manufacturing or assembly of his products. He buys them fully manufactured by furniture wholesalers, he does not even buy them factory direct (except in the case of mattresses and foundations) -- but you're a genius and know everything about it I suppose.


did you know that bob gets his wood products from the rainforest? He slipped one day on one of his commercials, he said that is why he can sell his products so competitively.

I researched that statement and he indeed get the wood from the rainfores. By the way the commercials were pulled immediately.


I've only had my couch and love seat for less than two years. On the edges of the couch the material (microfibers) are actually starting to come off!!

You get to see a nice rip on all the edges. You think you get a deal but end up losing out money having to get new furniture!!

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