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I looked at a chair in the store talked to a sales person who made it sound like they had them in stock. I decided to go home and think about it. That evening I decided to order it online. When the person contacts me about delivery they inform me they are out of stock and it will be almost a month before delivery. I was not happy but decided to stay with the order. Less than a week later (still three weeks before delivery) I check my account and find they have already charged me for the chair. What kind of place charges you for something they don't even have in stock let alone are ready to deliver?

I decided to call the number on my confirmation email and ask about it. I was met with a very snotty attitude by the rep who took the call. I commented on the fact that they did not even have it in stock and would not be delivering for another 3 weeks (their choice not mine) and was given no response other than "do you want to cancel your order". There was no offer of an explanation or attempt to make it right and for that reason I chose to follow her advise and cancel my order. The two times I have talked to people on the phone from Bob's first for delivery and second on the early charge I was met with attitude and the idea it is my fault things went this way. If this is the kind of service you get before they even get your product in stock and let alone ready to ship I can't imagine how badly they would treat me if I had a problem after I took delivery. The thing is it was not a cheap chair I am handicapped so needed a power lift chair in the end it was close to $700 with tax and delivery.

This was my first and last experience with Bob's I will take my money somewhere else. This was supposed to be the first of several furniture purchases to be made from Bob's but that won't be happening now. For the record this was the West Springfield store that I dealt with. I should have paid attention to the other people on this site but just thought they were exaggerating their issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner.

Monetary Loss: $696.

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I checked my money of bob bank


Friend of mine told me company is in Forebearance. Watch out before you fork out your money. :eek

Bob Cares

Hi Dholm,

We hate to hear about negative experiences with our company, and I apologize that your shopping experience with us was below expectation. If you'd like to contact me at I would be more thank happy to investigate. Thanks, Eric

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