Taftville, Connecticut

I am a former employee at Bob's Discount Furniture at one of the distribution centers working in Customer Care. Seeing these complaints really saddens me because I know you spent your hard earned money on what you thought was a great deal only to have your furniture not be what you hoped it was or only to have someone say they can not help you because the issue is outside the warranty or you have had the furniture longer than a certain day and you spend minutes and hours talking to someone in my position or an Account Management Specialist or even a Manager. I am so sorry!

The reason I am writing this is to also show you that this company showed me disrespect by not paying me my due wages for a period of 6 weeks before firing me in May 2013. There was a glitch issue with one of my paychecks and seemed to go down a slippery slope and not pay me week after week after week even though I worked every day but eventually I started going to work and clocking in and not working as a self protest until I got paid. This continued until eventually we contacted the head of HR who said I had not been to work -- which was a total lie!! That afternoon I went to work and was given my termination notice and still...no paycheck(S)!

So here I am broke, about to be thrown out on the streets because I did not get paid. It hurts because while the job was demanding, I enjoyed the people, I enjoyed the company but now I see them for what they really are! Money grubbers who is only in it for the money. They claim all these good things when you start employment and here I am asking for help, asking for a bailout, anything just to support my family and BAM! The door gets slammed in my face. Not the way you should do business.

Think twice before you purchase something from a company that treats its employees and customers second class.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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