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So, my boyfriend and I go to Bob's to get a living room set because honestly, they are the cheapest around and we are on a budget. We go there and yes their furniture does look pretty nice.

We choose to go with the Tristan couch and so we order it. Because I had a credit card limit I was foced to only pay it within two days with two payments and I asked the woman at the desk if this would be a problem? She said no and that she would schedule a date for delivery. As it was they said the set was poplar and would deliver the loveseat in two weeks and the sofa in four, I was not necessarily pleased but let it go.

The next day I call to make the second and final payment and the woman asks when I would like to schedule delivery.... I am obviously very confused in that I scheduled a delivery date the day before. She tells me "oh no. We do not schedule a delivery date until the order is paid in full." I told her that was very interesting considering I asked customer service the day before if anything would be effected by making two payments and she said no!

She made no steps to help me at all and instead told me that the only delivery day would be weeks after what I was expecting! uuuuuugh! So, a month goes by. We are excited to get our couches in three days, I have taken off work for the delivery, everything is good to go...

nope. We get a call three days before our delivery telling us their vendor is backordered and we won't get our couches for another month! Really Bob's? Three days before delivery?

So rediculous. I could have gotten other couches from elsewhere in the time I spent waiting for you to make good on you delivery. I paid for a product and I should get it in due time!!! So unprofessional and sutomer service was horrible.

Needless to say I got my money refunded and I will spend extra on couches that are better quality from a company that actually delivers.

Sorry for my rant people, please just do not even waste your time. People I know who have gotten their products are already having issues with them after the first couple of months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

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Bob Cares

Hi Alygirl8,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our company. If you would like to email me with your order information at we'd certainly like to look into this further to ensure it is not a reoccurring problem. Thanks, Eric


Sorry about the typos! I got going and my typing skills just went out the window!

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