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WE purchased all new furniture when we bought our first house 2 years ago and we spent about $6,000 total, including a new bedroom set, living room and kitchen table with chairs. We have since then placed 3 complaints with the customer service department regarding quality, and we have been denied 2 times so far by their "protection" plan provider, Guardsman, which is a Valspar company.

The finishing on the tables are peeling and chipping, granted some is due to putting water glass on the table, but I have had cheap tables from IKEA withstand the same in a 5 year period, that Bob's table could not take for more than a couple of months. The protection plan is supposed to cover water damage, but not so when you file the claim. Every chip we have reported that is not a water damage is considered by Bob's certified technicans to be water damage.

We had our coffee table repaired because it was missing parts from the factory, and instead of replacing the parts, the technician ducktaped the table!! I will never spend another dime in their store and this 3rd complaint is our very last before I file an official complaint with BBB as well as Consumer advocacy groups in New England where Bob's operate.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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We have bought a few pieces of furniture from bobs.....a kitchen table and leather sectional and bobopedic bed. I also purchased the goof-proof protection plan.

I have to say that I am pretty please with them. I completely messed up my table with scratches, scuff marks, heat marks and spilled nail polish remover that took a good coat of the paint off. My couch just had these spots on them and had lost its luster, prob cause I cleaned it with all purpose cleaner. I put a complaint in, filled out the online form and about 3 weeks later the guy was in my house fixing the problems.

Table looks good again and couch is shinny once again. No prob, they just take too long!


hide your dogs from the goof proof nazi's. They claimed they saw teeth marks, I think it was probably the *** the tech was smoking!


First, you all need to understand that you get what you pay for when it comes to furniture. Purchasing all your furniture at Bobs may be inexpensive but it only causes problems in the future.

The protection plan is for accidental damages caused by the consumer, not manufacturer defect.

No warranty covers everything, no matter what the sales people try to sell you. Maybe read the plan before you buy it...


Haven't any of you contacted BBB and your local consumer protection dept near you. Also you can take them to small calims court if they don't fullfill their contract.


Got bedbugs from a bobs bedframed that turned to be INFESTED. Called Bob's and spoke to "Judy" who said that's impossible cause bedbugs don't breed or stay in bedframes.


Every website I checked said they breed in wood frames. BOB's is GARBAGE and staff is COMPLETELY RUDE!!!


For your information, I have tables from IKEA that I bought for $20 and I have had glasses, bottles, spills, etc, without any damage, I would think if you spend $700 on a table, the clear poly coat that is to protect the surface could handle a glass, especially since it is a kitchen dining table, and not a cafe table that you have for viewing only. The bottom line is, the protection plan says it will cover damage caused by spills, etc, but they deny each claim and say it is not in the contract, even when I have the contract where it states in black on white that it will cover stains, spills, and damages caused by such, even though this damage is not caused by a spill, the surface has plainly chipped off.


I also had a bad experience with goof proof. I bought a leather couch and chair and purchased the goof proof protection.

We had an accidental rip in the leather due to a home improvement project and when the technician came to review the damage we were denied as they stated it was pet damage (which is not covered). I called to complain and told them that the fact that we have two dogs has nothing to do with the damage and the pets did not cause the rip and they told us the technician said it was pet damage and there was nothing we could do. DO NOT BUY GOOF PROOF IF YOU OWN PETS! Yor poor pets will get blamed and Bob's will have an "excuse" not to honot their agreement.

I will NEVER purchase from Bob's again!

As a matter of fact, everytime we are around Bob's we go in and get free food and snacks just despite them!!! lol


I F*&$# hate Bob's and I will make sure my whole family and everyone I know never buys *** from there again.


I would suggest not purchasing the Goof Proof Protection plan myself. But if you were putting glasses on the table with nothing beneath them, well then that is your own fault, come on - it is not fair to blame Bob's because you do not care enough about your furniture to make sure it is not abused.

And to the poster below, if your bunk bed was indeed falling apart for manufacturing reasons, and not because your children did not treat it well, then you should have called Bob's, not guardsman.

Guardsman is a customer caused accident protection plan, not a manufacturing warranty, like that offered through Bob's. keep that in mind in the future.


I can sympathize with you. I bought a bunk bed for my little ones there and paid extra for all the added protection...what a joke!!

A few months later the top bunk bed i called the protection Co. and blah blah blah and much later I got NOTHING but a broken bed and more cost to buy a new one..SOMEwhere else!!!! Not to mention after the top broke we took it apart so my kids wouldnt get trapped or killed by the death trap bed from bob's!! then the other bunk broke..same thing!!

so needed two new beds.

I was angry..and all there protection gimmicks are just that ....gimmicks..dont buy here or pay the added for the will only end badly!! Trust'll get nowhere with it but a run around head ache.